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Most of this information originally came straight from Jim Matheos with some early 1984/1985 information from Victor Arduini (Thanks guys!).
If anyone has any additional insight to any of these shows (venue name, opening bands, set list, etc.), please contact the webmaster.

(See Tour Notes for additional information)
“No itineraries dating this far back, but I do remember playing a few gigs in New Haven, CT. under the name Misfit and one after N.O.B. was released. We also did a show in Brooklyn opening for Overkill.” -Jim Matheos

“I just found an old notebook which has detailed information on our tour dates from 1984 1985!!” -Victor Arduini

03/22/1984    (The Grotto) New Haven, Connecticut
05/11/1984    (Twilight Zone) New Haven, Connecticut (with Obsession)
06/29/1984    (Twilight Zone) New Haven, Connecticut (with Obsession)
11/16/1984    (L’amour’s) Brooklyn, New York (with Overkill)

(See Tour Notes for additional information)
01/12/1985    (Agora) Hartford, Connecticut (with Queensryche)
01/18/1985    (L’amour’s) Brooklyn, New York (with Anvil)
03/02/1985    (L’amour’s) Brooklyn, New York (with Anthrax, Attacker)
03/03/1985    (L’amour’s) Brooklyn, New York (with Anthrax, Cites, Attacker)
03/05/1985    (Celebration’s) Boston, Massachusetts
03/22/1985    (L’amour’s East) Queens, New York (with Attacker)
04/12/1985    Union City, New Jersey
04/13/1985    South River, New Jersey
04/21/1985    (Agora) Hartfod, Connecticut
04/22/1985    (Studio 54) New York, New York (with Obsession, Attacker)
04/26/1985    (L’amour’s East) Queens, New York (with Attacker)

July-August The Spectre Within recorded.

09/10/1985    Canton, Ohio
09/12/1985    (Blondies) Detroit, Michigan
09/13/1985    Cleveland, Ohio

10/19/1985    The Spectre Within released

11/22/1985    (L’amour’s) Brooklyn, New York (with Motorhead)
11/24/1985    (L’amour’s) Trenton, New Jersey (with Motorhead) Canceled

03/07/1986    Auburn, Alabama (with Monty Python and the Holy Grail!)
05/16/1986    Albany, New York (with Armoured Saint)
05/21/1986    Boston, Massachusetts
05/22/1986    Branford, Connecticut
05/23/1986    Brooklyn, New York
06/01/1986    Branford, Connecticut
06/14/1986    Brooklyn, New York

September-October Awaken the Guardian recorded
11/14/1986    Awaken the Guardian released

12/13/1986    Brooklyn, New York
12/20/1986    Hartford, Connecticut
12/28/1986    Long Island, New York

(See Tour Notes for additional information)
01/16/1987    Staten Island, New York
01/23/1987    Queens, New York (with Queensryche)
02/20/1987    Queens, New York
02/22/1987    Rochester, New York
02/28/1987    Detroit, Michigan
03/04/1987    Cleveland, Ohio
03/05/1987    Cincinnati, Ohio
03/06/1987    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
03/13/1987    Austin, Texas
03/14/1987    San Antonio, Texas (with Saxon, Killer Dwarfs)
03/26/1987    Washington D.C.
03/29/1987    Baltimore, Maryland
04/01/1987    Boston, Massachusetts
04/02/1987    Hartford, Connecticut

October-December No Exit recorded

03/23/1988    No Exit released
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
03/20/1988    Baltimore, Maryland (with Savatage)
03/25/1988    Allenstown, Pennsylvania (with Savatage)
03/26/1988    Brooklyn, New York (with Savatage)
03/30/1988    New York, New York
05/06/1988    Washington D.C.
05/07/1988    Brooklyn, New York
05/08/1988    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
05/09/1988    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
05/11/1988    Buffalo, New York
05/12/1988    Poughkeepsie, New York
05/13/1988    New Haven, CT.
05/14/1988    Long Island, New York
05/15/1988    Baltimore, Maryland
05/17/1988    Altoona, Pennsylvania
05/18/1988    Kent, Ohio
05/19/1988    Detroit, Michigan
05/20/1988    Chicago, Illinois
05/22/1988    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
05/25/1988    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (with Warlock)
05/26/1988    Dallas, Texas
05/27/1988    Lawton, Oklahoma
05/28/1988    San Antonio, Texas (with Krokus)
05/29/1988    Houston, Texas
06/01/1988    Tucson, Arizona
06/02/1988    Phoenix, Arizona
06/03/1988    Riverside, California (with Warlock)
06/04/1988    Anaheim, California
06/05/1988    San Diego, California
06/07/1988    San Francisco, California
06/08/1988    Mt. View, California
06/09/1988    Reno, Nevada
06/11/1988    Salt Lake City, Utah
06/12/1988    Boise, Idaho
06/13/1988    Portland, Oregon
06/14/1988    Seattle, Washington
06/16/1988    Oakland, California
06/17/1988    Reseda, California (with Armoured Saint)
06/18/1988    Reseda, California (with Armoured Saint)
06/21/1988    Colorado Springs, Colorado (with Jag Panzer)
06/22/1988    Amarillo, Texas
06/23/1988    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
06/25/1988    St. Louis, Missouri
06/26/1988    Council Bluffs, Iowa
07/09/1988    Long Island, New York (with Dirty Looks)
07/14/1988    Boston, Massachusetts (with Flotsam and Jetsam)
07/15/1988    Brooklyn, New York (with Flotsam and Jetsam)
07/20/1988    New York, New York
07/23/1988    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
07/28/1988    Newark, New Jersey
08/12/1988    New Rochelle, New York
08/15/1988    Rochester, New York
08/16/1988    New Haven, Connecticut
08/19/1988    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
08/20/1988    Alexandria, Virginia
08/29/1988    Queens, New York

April-June Perfect Symmetry recorded
August Perfect Symmetry released

11/17/1989    Tijuana, Mexico (with Helstar)
11/18/1989    Las Vegas, Nevada (with Helstar)
11/19/1989    Anaheim, California
11/20/1989    Phoenix, Arizona
11/22/1989    San Antonio, Texas
11/24/1989    Houston, Texas
11/25/1989    Austin, Texas (with Watchtower)
11/26/1989    Dallas, Texas
11/29/1989    Chicago, Illinois
11/30/1989    Detroit, Michigan
12/02/1989    Allenstown, Pennsylvania
12/03/1989    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12/05/1989    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
12/06/1989    Cleveland, Ohio
12/07/1989    New York, New York
12/08/1989    Long Island, New York (with Joey Vera on bass)
12/09/1989    Poughkeepsie, New York (with Joey Vera on bass)
12/10/1989    Baltimore, Maryland (with Joey Vera on bass)
12/11/1989    New Haven, Connecticut
12/12/1989    Long Branch, New Jersey

European Christmas Tour with Manowar:
12/16/1989    Amsterdam, Netherlands
12/17/1989    Copenhagen, Denmark
12/19/1989    Dusseldorf, Germany
12/20/1989    Trier, Germany
12/21/1989    Landshut, Germany
12/22/1989    Aalen, Germany
12/23/1989    Lichtenfels, Germany


Fates Warning / Sanctuary U.S. and European Tour:
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
03/23/1990    Rochester, New York
03/24/1990    New Rochelle, New York
03/25/1990    Providence, Rhode Island
03/27/1990    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
03/28/1990    Boston, Massachusetts
03/29/1990    New Haven, Connecticut
03/30/1990    Brooklyn, New York
03/31/1990    Long Branch, New Jersey
04/01/1990    Baltimore, Maryland
04/02/1990    Washington D.C.
04/04/1990    Cincinnati, Ohio
04/06/1990    Detroit, Michigan
04/07/1990    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
04/08/1990    Chicago, Illinois
04/09/1990    Madison, Wisconsin
04/11/1990    Minneapolis, Minnesota
04/12/1990    Green Bay, Wisconsin
04/14/1990    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
04/15/1990    Roanoke, Virginia
04/16/1990    Charlotte, North Carolina
04/17/1990    Atlanta, Georgia
04/19/1990    Orlando, Florida
04/20/1990    Tampa, Florida
04/21/1990    West Palm Beach, Florida
04/22/1990    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
04/26/1990    Houston, Texas
04/27/1990    Fort Worth, Texas
04/28/1990    Austin, Texas
04/30/1990    Springfield, Missouri
05/01/1990    Kansas City, Missouri
05/02/1990    Whitchita, Kansas
05/04/1990    Denver, Colorado
05/05/1990    Salt Lake City, Utah
05/07/1990    Albuquerque, New Mexico
05/09/1990    Tucson, Arizona
05/10/1990    Phoenix, Arizona
05/11/1990    Tijuana, Mexico
05/12/1990    Reseda, California
05/13/1990    Orange, California
05/14/1990    Riverside, California
05/15/1990    Stockton, California
05/16/1990    San Jose, California
05/17/1990    Oakland, California
05/18/1990    Guernsville, California
05/19/1990    Sacramento, California
05/21/1990    San Francisco, California
10/26/1990    Thessalonki, Greece
10/27/1990    Athens, Greece
11/02/1990    Burgebrach, Germany
11/04/1990    Ostringen, Germany
11/05/1990    Ludwigsburg, Germany
11/06/1990    Kehl, Germany
11/07/1990    Augsburg, Germany
11/09/1990    Berlin, Germany
11/10/1990    Hamburg, Germany
11/11/1990    Detmold, Germany
11/13/1990    Mainz, Germany
11/16/1990    Pragraten, Austria
11/17/1990    Wels, Austria
11/18/1990    Vienna, Austria
11/19/1990    Galanta, Czechoslovakia

July-August Parallels recorded
10/04/1991    Parallels released

01/19/1992    Santa Barbara, California (with Savatage)
01/20/1992    Sacramento, California
01/21/1992    Cotati, California
01/22/1992    San Francisco, California
01/23/1992    Hollywood, California (with Savatage)
01/24/1992    Tijuana, Mexico
01/27/1992    Phoenix, Arizona
01/28/1992    Albuquerque, New Mexico
01/30/1992    Austin, Texas
01/31/1992    Corpus Christi, Texas
02/01/1992    San Antonio, Texas
02/02/1992    Dallas, Texas
02/03/1992    Houston, Texas
02/04/1992    Baton Rogue, Louisiana
02/06/1992    Ft. Lauerdale, Florida
02/07/1992    Tampa, Florida
02/08/1992    Jacksonville, Florida
02/09/1992    Atlanta, Georgia
02/11/1992    Washington D.C.
02/12/1992    Boston, Massachusetts
02/13/1992    New Haven, Connecticut
02/14/1992    Atco, New Jersey
02/15/1992    Baltimore, Maryland
02/16/1992    New York, New York
02/17/1992    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
02/19/1992    Cleveland, Ohio
02/20/1992    Detroit, Michigan
02/21/1992    Cincinnati, Ohio
02/22/1992    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
02/23/1992    Chicago, Illinois (with Pantera)
02/26/1992    Omaha, Nebraska
02/28/1992    Denver, Colorado
02/29/1992    Salt Lake City, Utah

08/20/1993    Wacken Open Air Festival. Wacken, Germany

01/20/1994    New Britian, Connecticut
01/21/1994    New Britian, Connecticut

March-May Inside Out recorded
June Inside Out released

10/28/1994    Newark, New Jersey
10/29/1994    Rochester, New York
10/31/1994    Nyack, New York
11/01/1994    Boston, Massachusetts
11/02/1994    Providence, Rhode Island
11/03/1994    New Haven, Connecticut
11/04/1994    Cohoes, New York
11/05/1994    Hunington, New York
11/06/1994    New York, New York
11/07/1994    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
11/09/1994    Detroit, Michigan

Dream Theater/Fates Warning U.S. tour:
11/10/1994    St.Louis, Missouri
11/11/1994    Kansas City, Kansas
11/12/1994    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
11/14/1994    San Antonio, Texas
11/16/1994    Dallas, Texas
11/17/1994    Austin, Texas
11/18/1994    Houston, Texas
11/19/1994    El Paso, Texas
11/22/1994    Denver, Colorado
11/25/1994    Salt Lake City, Utah
11/26/1994    Boise, Idaho (Fates only)
11/27/1994    Seatlle, Washington
11/28/1994    Vancouver, Britsh Columbia, Canada (Fates only)
11/29/1994    Portland, Oregon
12/01/1994    San Francisco, California
12/02/1994    Reno, Nevada
12/03/1994    Santa Barbara, California (Fates only with Joey Vera opening)
12/04/1994    Tucson, Arizona
12/05/1994    Phoenix, Arizona
12/06/1994    Las Vegas, Nevada
12/08/1994    Santa Ana, California
12/09/1994    Hollywood, California

Dream Theater/Fates Warning European tour:
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
02/02/1995    Beilfeld, Germany
02/03/1995    Erlangen, Germany
02/04/1995    Munich, Germany
02/06/1995    Ludwigsburg, Germany
02/07/1995    Leipzig, Germany
02/08/1995    Hannover, Germany
02/10/1995    Offenbach, Germany
02/11/1995    Dusseldorf, Germany
02/13/1995    Gent, Belgium
02/14/1995    Utrecht, Netherlands
02/15/1995    Utrecht, Netherlands
02/17/1995    Copenhagen, Denmark
02/18/1995    Malmo, Sweden
02/19/1995    Oslo, Norway
02/20/1995    Stockholm, Sweden
02/22/1995    Helsinki, Finland
02/25/1995    Rendsburg, Germany
02/26/1995    Berlin, Germany
02/27/1995    Bremen, Germany
03/01/1995    Hamburg, Germany
03/04/1995    Wels, Austria
03/06/1995    Rome, Italy
03/07/1995    Milan, Italy
03/08/1995    Zurich, Switzerland
03/10/1995    Nijmegen, Netherlands
03/13/1995    Paris, France
03/15/1995    London, England

November-December A Pleasant Shade Of Gray recorded

04/22/1997    A Pleasant Shade Of Gray released

1997 European Tour Dates (First Leg):
06/06/1997    Scum Club. Katwijk, Netherlands (with Carthago,Omen)
06/07/1997    Festival. Hardenberg, Netherlands (with Saxon)
06/08/1997    Biebob. Vosselaar, Belgium
06/09/1997    Noorderligt. Tilburg, Netherlands
06/11/1997    Zollhaus. Leer, Germany
06/12/1997    Markthalle. Hamburg, Germany
06/13/1997    Hyde Park. Osnabruck, Germany
06/14/1997    Het Struitje. Landgraaf, Netherlands
06/15/1997    Rockfabrik. Augsburg, Germany
06/17/1997    Rainbow. Milan, Italy
06/18/1997    Rockfabrik. Nurnberg, Germany
06/19/1997    Kantine. Cologne, Germany
06/20/1997    Rockpalast. Wurzburg, Germany
06/21/1997    Hafenbahn. Offenbach, Germany
06/22/1997    Rockfabrik. Ludwigsburg, Germany (with Omen)

1997 U.S. Tour Dates (First Leg):
07/28/1997    Mason Jar. Phoenix, Arizona (with Aces & Eights, Critical Mass, Anvil Chorus)
07/30/1997    Palladian Live. Lubbock, Texas
07/31/1997    White Rabbit. San Antonio, Texas
08/01/1997    The Abyss. Houston, Texas (with Pegasus, Train of Thought)
08/02/1997    Caravan Of Dreams. Fort Worth, Texas
08/03/1997    Shanahans. Lafayette, Louisiana
08/05/1997    The Metropol. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (with Ashes to Ashes)
08/06/1997    Tuxedo Junction. Danbury, Connecticut (with Soundscape, Divine Regale)
08/07/1997    Club Bene. South Amboy, New Jerse (with Divine Regale)
08/08/1997    Jaxx Nite Club. West Springfield, Virginia (with Division, Divine Regale)
08/09/1997    Lodown. Mt. Vernon, New York (with Livesay, Divine Regale)
08/10/1997    Trocadero. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (with Divine Regale)
08/12/1997    Mabels. Champaign, Illinois (with Hate Choir)
08/13/1997    Alrosa Villa. Columbus, Ohio (with Saddleback Shark, Heavy Alliance)
08/14/1997    The Mosquito Club. Westland, Michigan (with Motherload)
08/15/1997    Sidekicks. Cleveland, Ohio (with RAMM, Tempo Tantrum, Iced Earth)
08/16/1997    Annie’s. Cincinnati, Ohio Canceled (due to Jim’s dad falling ill)
08/17/1997    House Of Blues. Chicago, Illinois (with Captain Krush, Systems Reborn)
08/20/1997    Canes. San Diego, California
08/21/1997    Showcase Theater. Corona, California
08/22/1997    Club KAOS. Fremont, California (with Enchant)
08/23/1997    Whiskey A Go Go. West Hollywood, California

1997 U.S. Tour Dates (Second Leg):
11/29/1997    Whiskey A Go Go. West Hollywood, California
11/30/1997    Club KAOS. Fremont, California (with Silent Scream, Kage, True to Form)
12/02/1997    Ichabods. Salt Lake City, Utah
12/03/1997    Pure Energy. Colorado Springs, Colorado (with Shöc, The Quiet Room)
12/04/1997    The Hurricane. Kansas City. Missouri (Fates only)
12/05/1997    Jackhammer’s. Schaumberg, Illinois (with Lou G???, Rebel Without Applause)
12/06/1997    Annie’s. Cincinnati, Ohio (with Liquid Nation, Cain’s Rage) Canceled (due to an illness in Jim’s familyl)
12/07/1997    JD’s Macomb Theater. Mt. Clemens, Michigan (with Crazy Flying Circus?, Tiles)
12/09/1997    Coney Island High. New York City, New York ((Frosbite, Divine Regale)
12/10/1997    Club Bene. South Amboy, New Jersey (with Divine Regale)
12/11/1997    The Alternate Route. Weymouth, Massachusetts (with Divine Regale)
12/12/1997    Daytonas. Pasadena, Maryland (with Mercury Rising, Divine Regale)
12/13/1997    Jaxx Nite Club. West Springfield, Virginia (with Circle of Nero, Division, Divine Regale)
12/14/1997    Outer Edge. Marietta, Georgia (with Blanket Party, Divine Regale)
12/16/1997    Bricktown Live. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (with Divine Regale)
12/17/1997    Cain’s Ballroom. Tulsa, Oklahoma (with Divine Regale)
12/18/1997    The Abyss. Houston, Texas (with Train of Thought, Divine Regale)
12/19/1997    Galaxy Club. Dallas, Texas (with Dark Alliance, Omen)
12/20/1997    Launchpad. Albuquerque, New Mexico
12/21/1997    The Mason Jar. Phoenix, Arizona (with Strait Jacket, Poet Shaker, Manic Within)

(See Tour Notes for additional information)
1998 U.S. Tour Dates (Third Leg):
04/10/1998    The Shack, Anaheim, California (with Push Comes II Shove, Fallen Reality, Ocean Seven)
04/11/1998    Whiskey A Go Go, West Hollywood, California (with Vendetta, Ocean Seven, Prototype, Swirl)

1998 European Tour Dates (Third Leg):
04/16/1998    Milkyway, Amsterdam, Netherlands
04/17/1998    Nooderligt, Tilburg, Netherlands (with Harrow)
04/18/1998    Sjiwa, Baarlo, Netherlands (with Seven Signs)
04/19/1998    Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
04/21/1998    Konzert Fabrik Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
04/22/1998    Babylonia, Beilla, Italy
04/24/1998    Hafenbahn, Offenbach, Germany
04/25/1998    Halford, Berlin, Germany
04/26/1998    Modernes, Bremen, Germany

05/29/1998    through
05/31/1998    Dynamo Open Air Festival 98. Eindthoven, Netherlands
(Bands that performed: Rammstein, Deftones, Junkie XL, Saxon, Primal Fear, In Flames, Immortal, H2O, Hammerfall, Dimmu Borgir, Pro-Pain, Fu Manchu, Within Temptation, Dropkick Murphy’s, 25 To Life, Battery, Hard Resistance, Iced Earth, 7Zuma7, Agnostic Front, Death, Bewitched, Emperor, Enslaved, Fates Warning, Fear Factory, Form, Hatebreed, Spiritual Beggars, Maximum Penalty and Stratovarius)

10/06/1998    Still Life released

1999 European Tour Dates:
10/23/1999    Hydroglos Club, Thessaloniki, Greece (with Sarissa)
10/24/1999    Rodon Club, Athens, Greece (with Dark Nova)

07/25/2000    Disconnected released

2001 U.S. Tour Dates (with Savatage):
04/19/2001    Jaxx Nightclub. West Springfield, Virginia (with Brave, Division)
04/20/2001    Birch Hill Nite Club. Old Bridge, New Jersey (with Exhibition)
04/21/2001    The Chance. Poughkeepsie, New York
04/22/2001    L’amour. Brooklyn, New York (with Resound)
04/24/2001    The Village Pub. Port Jefferson, New York
04/25/2001    The Station. West Warwick, Rhode Island (with Sleight of Mind)
04/26/2001    Webster Theatre. Hartford, Connecticut
04/27/2001    Evening Star Concert Hall. Buffalo (Niagra Falls), New York (with Highwire)
04/28/2001    Odeon Theatre. Cleveland, Ohio
05/01/2001    Tinks. Scranton, Pennsylvania
05/02/2001    Tremors. Rochester, New York
05/03/2001    Emerald Theatre. Detroit, Michigan (with Tiles)
05/04/2001    Orbit Room. Grand Rapids, Michigan
05/05/2001    The Lab. St Paul, Minnesota
05/06/2001    House of Blues. Chicago, Illinois
05/07/2001    Otto’s. Dekalb, Illinois
05/08/2001    Pageant Theatre. St Louis, Missouri
05/10/2001    Metro. Austin, Texas
05/11/2001    Canyon Club. Dallas, Texas (with Transcendance)
05/12/2001    19th Hole. Houston, Texas
05/13/2001    White Rabbit. San Antonio, Texas
05/14/2001    House of Blues. New Orleans, Louisiana
05/16/2001    Cotton Club. Atlanta, Georgia
05/17/2001    House of Blues. Orlando, Florida
05/18/2001    Jannus Landing. St. Petersburg, Florida
05/19/2001    Orbit. Boynton Beach, Florida (with Premonition, FAQ, Simplekill, Dark Faith and Hibernus Mortis)

2002 U.S. Engine Tour Dates:
06/21/2002    The Roadhouse. Sacramento, California (with Headtone)
06/23/2002    The Troubadour. West Hollywood, California (with Underground Moon)
06/25/2002    The Galaxy Theatre. Santa Ana, California (with Resistance and Sinfected)
06/26/2002    Brick By Brick. San Diego, California (with Tea Bag, Voodoo Temple and Center Fugue)
06/30/2002    The Pound. San Francisco, California (with Dorsoul)
08/08/2002    Mason Jar. Phoenix, Arizona
08/09/2002    The Shack. Anaheim, California
08/10/2002    Paladino’s. Reseda, California
08/11/2002    Bourbon Street. Concord, California

2003 Tour Dates (with Dream Theater and Queensrÿche):
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
06/20/2003    Mason Jar. Phoenix, Arizona (Fates Warning only with Cast of Shadows — Nick D’Virgillio filling in on drums)
06/22/2003    The Backroom. Austin, Texas (Fates Warning only)
06/23/2003    Verizon Wireless Theater. Houston, Texas
06/24/2003    Brady Theatre. Tulsa, Oklahoma
06/25/2003    Next Stage At Grand Prairie. Grand Prairie, Texas
06/27/2003    House Of Blues. Lake Buena Vista, Florida
06/28/2003    Pompano Beach Amphitheater. Pompano Beach, Florida
06/29/2003    Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Tampa Bay, Florida
06/30/2003    Tabernacle. Atlanta, Georgia
07/02/2003    PromoWest Pavillion. Columbus, Ohio
07/03/2003    Station Square. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
07/04/2003    Barrie Molson Centre. Barrie, Ontario, Canada
07/05/2003    Verdun Auditorium. Montreal, Quebec, Canada (with I Mother Earth)
07/06/2003    L’Agora Du Vieux Port. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (with I Mother Earth)
07/08/2003    Oakdale Theater. Wallingford, Connecticut
07/09/2003    FleetBoston Pavillion. Boston, Massachusetts
07/10/2003    PNC Bank Art Center. Holmdel, New Jersey
07/11/2003    Jones Beach. Wantagh, New York
07/12/2003    Kahuna Summerstage. Wilmington, Delaware
07/16/2003    Tower City Amphitheatre. Cleveland, Ohio
07/17/2003    DTE Energy Music Theatre. Detroit, Michigan
07/18/2003    Annie’s. Cincinnati, Ohio
07/19/2003    Aragon Ballroom. Chicago, Illinois
07/21/2003    Uptown Theatre. Kansas City, Missouri
07/22/2003    Universal Lending Pavillion. Denver, Colorado
07/24/2003    Universal Ampitheatre. Los Angeles, California
07/25/2003    The Rock Ranch. San Bernadino, California (Fates Warning only with Prymary — Mark Zonder back on drums)
07/26/2003    Chronicle Pavilion. Concord, California (with Vicious Rumors)
07/27/2003    The Cove. Sacramento, California
07/28/2003    Hard Rock Hotel – The Joint. Las Vegas, Nevada
08/01/2003    Arlene Schnitzer Hall. Portland, Oregon
08/02/2003    The Paramount Theater. Seattle, Washington

10/05/2004    FWX released

2005 Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour was: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Frank Aresti and Nick D’Virgillio
(except for the Headway Festival which featured Mike Portnoy on drums instead of Nick).
02/16/2005    Wigwam Rock Klub. Budapest, Hungary (with Wendigo)
02/17/2005    Hristo Botev Hall. Sofia, Bulgaria (with Pantommind)
02/18/2005    Vox Music Club. Istanbul, Turkey
02/19/2005    Hydrogios. Thessaloniki, Greece
02/20/2005    Gagarin 205. Athens, Greece (with Wastefall, Fragile, Vastness)
04/03/2005    Headway Festival. Amstelveen, Netherlands

2006 Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour was: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Frank Aresti and Nick D’Virgillio
05/31/2006    Galaxy Theater. Santa Ana, California (with Three, Resistance, Hollowshell) (Setlist)
06/01/2006    The Knitting Factory. Hollywood, California (with Agent Steel, Ascension) (Setlist)
06/04/2006    Rock Hard Festival. Gelsenkirchen, Germany (Setlist)

2007 Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour was: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Frank Aresti and Bobby Jarzombek
07/07/2007    Evolution Festival. Firenze, Italy (see festival website for list of bands)
11/10/2007    Boerderij. Zoetermeer, Netherlands
11/11/2007    Batschkapp. Frankfurt, Germany (with Pagan’s Mind)
11/12/2007    Markthalle. Hamburg, Germany (with Pagan’s Mind)
11/14/2007    Rockfabrik. Ludwigsburg, Germany (with Pagan’s Mind)
11/15/2007    Live Music Hall. Cologne, Germany (with Pagan’s Mind)
11/16/2007    De Bosuil. Weert, Netherlands
11/17/2007    De Lantaarn. Hellendoorn, Netherlands
11/19/2007    Gagarin 205. Athens, Greece
11/21/2007    Underworld. London, England (with To-Mera)
11/22/2007    Copernico. Madrid, Spain
11/23/2007    KGB. Barcelona, Spain


2009 Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour was: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Frank Aresti and Bobby Jarzombek
09/12/2009    Prog Power USA X. Atlanta, Georgia (see festival website for list of bands) (with Nicolas van Dyk from Redemption helping out on keyboards)

2010 Tour Dates
To coincide with the release of the Parallels Special Edition album, Ray Alder, Jim Matheos, Frank Aresti, Joe DiBiase, and Mark Zonder, played a few one-off reunion shows.
(See Tour Notes for a special message from Jim Matheos)
03/19/2010    Avalon. Hollywood, California (with Final Gravity)
03/26/2010    Block 33 Club. Thessaloniki, Greece
03/27/2010    Fuzz Club. Athens, Greece
06/04/2010    The Webster. Hartford, Connecticut (with Shadows Sanctuary, Infinite Descent, Myopia, Vengeance)
06/12/2010    Sweden Rock Festival. Solvesborg, Sweden
07/09/2010    Scout Bar. Houston, Texas (with One Of Sixx)
07/10/2010    Scout Bar. San Antonio, Texas (with One Of Sixx, When Words Attack, Ignitor)
07/17/2010    Bang Your Head Festival. Balingen, Germany

2011 Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Frank Aresti and Bobby Jarzombek
(See Tour Notes or additional information)
02/10/2011    Turock. Essen, Germany (with Sun Caged)
02/11/2011    Bolwerk. Sneek, Netherlands (with Sun Caged)
02/12/2011    Bosuil. Weert, Netherlands (with Sun Caged)
02/13/2011    Kelder. Amersfoort, Netherlands (with Sun Caged)
07/28/2011    Turock. Essen, Germany (with Iron Fate)
07/29/2011    Headbanger’s Open Air. Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany (See website for complete list of bands. The festival was from July 28-30.)
07/30/2011    The Rock Temple. Kerkrade, Netherlands (with Sun Caged)
08/01/2011    All Alive Music Stage. Larissa, Greece (with Innosense, Zeus)
08/02/2011    Terra Vibe Park. Athens (Malakasa), Greece (supporting Dream Theater)

09/13/2011    Arch / Matheos – Sympathetic Resonance released

2012 Fates Warning Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Frank Aresti and Bobby Jarzombek
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
03/05/2012    Spirit ’66. Verviers, Belgium
03/06/2012    Z7. Pratteln, Switzerland
03/04/2012    Nouveau Casino. Paris, France (with Conscience)
03/09/2012    De Pul. Uden, Netherlands (with FeedForward)
03/10/2012    Bergkeller. Reichenbach, Germany
03/11/2012    Colos Saal. Aschaffenburg, Germany
03/12/2012    Matrix. Bochum, Germany (with Beyond the Bridge)
03/14/2012    Backstage. Munich, Germany (Vargas + Appice + Shortino with special guest Fates Warning)
03/15/2012    Orto Bar. Ljubljana, Slovenia
03/17/2012    MMC. Bratislava, Slovakia
03/18/2012    Exit-Us. Prague, Czech Republic (with Sebastien)
03/19/2012    A38. Budapest, Hungary (with Dreyelands)
03/21/2012    Jukebox Venue. Bucharest, Romania
03/22/2012    Mixtape 5. Sofia, Bulgaria
03/25/2012    Milk Club. Moscow, Russia
04/14/2012    HSBC Brasil. São Paulo, Brazil (Queensrÿche with special guest Fates Warning — Mike Portnoy on drums)
11/09/2012    Metropool. Hengelo, Netherlands
11/10/2012    Turock. Essen, Germany
11/11/2012    ECI cultuurfabriek. Roermond, Netherlands (with Spiralcove)

2012 Arch / Matheos Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, John Arch, Joey Vera, Frank Aresti and Bobby Jarzombek
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
04/28/2012    Keep It True XV Festival. Koenigshofen, Germany (See website for complete list of bands. The festival was from April 27-28.)
05/05/2012    Webster Theater. Hartford, Connecticut (with Agrippa93, Kali Ma, Freedoms Reign, Magus Beast, Mile Marker Zero, Enemy Remains, Crossing Rubicon, Civil Drone)

10/01/2013    Darkness In A Different Light released

2013 Fates Warning Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Michael Abdow and Bobby Jarzombek
10/05/2013    ProgPower. Baarlo, Netherlands (Setlist)
10/06/2013    Boerderij. Zoetermeer, Netherlands (with Divided MultitudeNem-Q) (Setlist)
10/07/2013    Colos Saal. Aschaffenburg, Germany (with Divided Multitude, The Omega Experiment) (Setlist)
10/09/2013    Turock. Essen, Germany (with Divided Multitude, The Omega Experiment) (Setlist)
10/10/2013    Verlichte Geest. Roeselare, Belgium (with Divided Multitude, The Omega Experiment) (Setlist)
10/11/2013    Musik Kantine. Augsburg, Germany (with Divided Multitude, The Omega Experiment) (Setlist)
10/12/2013    Z7. Pratteln, Switzerland (with Divided Multitude, The Omega Experiment) (Setlist)
10/13/2013    Colony. Brescia, Italy (with Divided Multitude, Master Experience) (Setlist)
10/15/2013    Orto Bar. Ljubljana, Slovenia (with Divided Multitude) (Setlist)
10/16/2013    A38. Budapest, Hungary (with Divided Multitude) (Setlist)
10/17/2013    Randal. Bratislava, Slovakia (with Divided Multitude) (Setlist)
10/19/2013    Eightball Club. Thesaloniki, Greece (with Wardrum) (Setlist) (Poster)
10/20/2013    Fuzz Club. Athens, Greece (with The Silent Wedding, Parthian Shot) (Setlist) (Poster)
10/22/2013    KZ Moskva. Moscow, Russia (Setlist)
11/15/2013    Mojoe’s. Joliet, IL (with Halcyon Way, Ion VeinDissona, Mindwarp Chamber, Cryptic Oath) (Setlist)
11/16/2013    Harpos. Detroit, MI (with Halcyon Way) (Setlist)
11/17/2013    Diamond Pub & Billiards. Louisville, KY (with Halcyon Way) (Setlist)
11/18/2013    The Agora. Cleveland, OH (with Halcyon WayThe Rick Ray Band, Shades of Remembrance) (Setlist)
11/20/2013    Mod Club. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (with Halcyon Way) (Setlist)
11/21/2013    The Chance. Poughkeepsie, NY (with Halcyon Way) (Setlist)
11/22/2013    Webster Theater. Hartford, CT (with Halcyon Way, In The Red, Graven Image) (Setlist)
11/23/2013    The Studio @ Webster Hall. New York, NY (with Halcyon Way, Answer Infinity) (Setlist)
11/24/2013    Dingbatz. Clifton, NJ (with Psychoprism, Halcyon Way) (Setlist)
11/26/2013    Revolution. Amityville, NY (with Magus BeastHalcyon Way, Optic) (Setlist)
11/27/2013    Reverb. Reading, PA (with Halcyon Way) (Setlist)
11/29/2013    Empire. Springfield, VA (with Halcyon Way, Brave, Iris Divine, Bachs Of Rock) (Setlist)
11/30/2013    Ground Zero. Spartanburg, SC (with Halcyon Way) (Setlist)
12/01/2013    Masquerade. Atlanta, GA (with Void Of ReasonHalcyon Way) (Setlist)
12/03/2013    Scout Bar. Houston, TX (with Artizan, Apocalyptic, Project Armageddon) (Setlist)
12/04/2013    Backstage Live. San Antonio, TX (with Artizan, Wicked Angel, Baad Newz) (Setlist)
12/05/2013    Trees. Dallas, TX (with Artizan) (Setlist)
12/07/2013    Club Red. Tempe, AZ (with Artizan, Phoenix & Dragon) (Setlist)
12/08/2013    Brick By Brick. San Diego, CA (with Artizan, Symbolic, On Descent) (Setlist)
12/10/2013    The Whisky. Los Angeles, CA (with Artizan, Devil’s Alley, Tower Guard) (Setlist)
12/11/2013    DNA Lounge. San Francisco, CA (with Artizan, Field Of Stones) (Setlist)
12/13/2013    Hawthorne Theater. Portland, OR (with Artizan, Earth To AshesNever Awake) (Setlist)
12/14/2013    Studio Seven. Seattle, WA (with Artizan, The People Now, Custom, Graphic Light Theory) (Setlist)

2014 Fates Warning Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Michael Abdow and Bobby Jarzombek
10/06/2013    Boerderij. Zoetermeer, Netherlands (with Divided Multitude, Nem-Q) (Setlist)
04/19/2014    De Bosuil. Weert, Netherlands (with Kingcrow) (Setlist)
04/20/2014    PPM Festival. Bergen, Belgium (See website for complete list of bands. This festival was from April 18-20.) (Setlist)
04/21/2014    Matrix. Bochum, Germany (with Kingcrow, Areanea) (Setlist)
04/23/2014    Amager Bio. Copenhagen, Denmark (with Kingcrow, Divided Moltitude) (Setlist)
04/24/2014    K17. Berlin, Germany (with Kingcrow) (Setlist)
04/25/2014    Rock Café St. Pauli. Hamburg, Germany (with Kingcrow) (Setlist)
09/05/2014    Teatro Rival Petrobras. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (See Overload Festival site for details.) (Setlist)
09/06/2014    Via Marques. Sao Paulo, Brazil. (See Overload Festival site for details.) (Setlist)
10/30/2014    Zaal Jagersborg. Maasmechelen, Belgium (with Headless) (Setlist)
10/31/2014    Cacaofabriek. Helmond, Netherlands (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/01/2014    Rock Café. Hamburg, Germany (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/02/2014    Rockfabrik. Nürnberg, Germany (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/03/2014    Fabryka. Krakow, Poland (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/05/2014    Universum. Stuttgart, Germany (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/06/2014    PMK. Innsbruck, Austria (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/07/2014    Star Club. Uster, Switzerland (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/08/2014    Audiodrome. Torino, Italy (with Headless, Rustfield) (Setlist)
11/09/2014    Colony Club. Brescia, Italy (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/11/2014    Hard Place. Zagreb, Croatia (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/12/2014    Dom Omladine. Belgrade, Serbia (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/13/2014    Mixtape 5. Sofia, Bulgaria (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/14/2014    Stage Club. Larissa, Greece (with Headless) (Setlist)
11/15/2014    Gagarin 205. Athens, Greece (with Headless) (Setlist)

2015 Fates Warning Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, Ray Alder, Joey Vera, Michael Abdow and Bobby Jarzombek
10/09/2015    The Webster Theater. Hartford, CT (with Imminent Sonic Destruction, Next To None) (Setlist)
10/10/2015    The Palladium. Worcester, MA (with Imminent Sonic Destruction, Divine Regale, Next To None) (Setlist)
10/11/2015    The Chance Theater. Poughkeepsie, NY (with Imminent Sonic Destruction, Psychoprism) (Setlist)
10/13/2015    St. Vitus. Brooklyn, NY (with Imminent Sonic Destruction, Next To None) (Setlist)
10/14/2015    Club Revolution. Amityville, NY (with Imminent Sonic DestructionMagus Beast) (Setlist)
10/16/2015    Token Lounge. Detroit, MI (with Imminent Sonic DestructionReign, Next To None) (Setlist)
10/17/2015    Reggie’s. Chicago, IL (with Imminent Sonic DestructionIon Vein, Ironfinger) (Setlist)
10/18/2015    Agora Theater. Cleveland, OH (with Imminent Sonic Destruction, Wretch) (Setlist)
10/20/2015    McGarvey’s Bar. Altoona, PA (with Imminent Sonic Destruction) (Setlist)
10/21/2015    Oddbody’s. Dayton, OH (with Imminent Sonic Destruction) (Setlist)
10/23/2015    Trees. Dallas, TX (with Vangough) (Setlist)
10/24/2015    Scout Bar. Houston, TX (with VangoughApocalyptic, Color Chemistry) (Setlist)
10/25/2015    Alamo City Music Hall. San Antonio, TX (with Vangough) (Setlist)
10/27/2015    The Roxy. Denver, CO (with Vangough) (Setlist)
10/29/2015    Club Red. Mesa, AZ (with Vangough) (Setlist)
10/30/2015    Fuzion. Huntington Beach, CA (with VangoughKantation) (Setlist)
10/31/2015    Rockbar. San Jose, CA (with Vangough) (Setlist)
11/01/2015    The Whiskey. Los Angeles, CA (with VangoughAeonic Impulse, Presence, Dimension) (Setlist)
11/02/2015    Ramona Mainstage. Ramona, CA (with VangoughSymbolic) (Setlist)

07/01/2016    Theories Of Flight released

2016 Fates Warning Tour Dates – Awaken The Guardian 30th Anniversary Shows
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, John Arch, Frank Aresti, Joe DiBiase, Steve Zimmerman
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
04/30/2016    Keep It True XIX Festival. Baden-Württemberg, Germany (See festival site for details.) (Setlist) (Poster)
09/09/2016    Prog Power USA XVII. Atlanta, GA (See festival site for details.) (Setlist) (Poster)

2017 Fates Warning Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, Ray AlderJoey Vera, Michael Abdow and Bobby Jarzombek
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
01/24/2017    Logo. Hamburg, Germany (with Armored Dawn, Fallen Arise) (Setlist)
01/25/2017    Underground. Cologne, Germany (with Armored DawnFallen Arise) (Setlist)
01/27/2017    Turock. Essen, Germany (with Armored DawnFallen Arise) (Setlist)
01/28/2017    De Pul. Uden, The Netherlands (with Armored DawnFallen Arise) (Setlist)
01/29/2017    Patronaat. Haarlem, The Netherlands (with Armored DawnFallen Arise) (Setlist)
01/30/2017    Colossaal. Aschaffenburg, Germany (with Armored DawnFallen Arise) (Setlist)
02/01/2017    Metro Music Bar. Brno, Czech Republic (with Armored DawnFallen Arise) (Setlist)
02/02/2017    A38. Budapest, Hungary (with Armored Dawn, A New Tomorrow) (Setlist)
02/03/2017    Majestic Music Club. Bratislava, Slovakia (with Armored DawnA New Tomorrow) (Setlist)
02/04/2017    Backstage Halle. Munich, Germany (with Armored DawnA New Tomorrow) (Setlist)
02/05/2017    Universum. Stuttgart, Germany (with Armored DawnA New Tomorrow) (Setlist)
02/07/2017    Hirsch. Nuernberg, Germany (with Armored DawnA New Tomorrow) (Setlist)
02/08/2017    Kiff. Aarau, Switzerland (with Armored DawnA New Tomorrow) (Setlist)
02/09/2017    Circolo Colony. Brescia, Italy (with Armored DawnA New Tomorrow) (Setlist)
02/10/2017    Zona Roveri. Bologna, Italy (with Armored DawnA New Tomorrow) (Setlist)
02/12/2017    Gagarin205. Athens, Greece (with Armored Dawn) (Setlist)
06/02/2017    Underworld. London, UK (with The Riven) (Setlist)
06/03/2017    Le Forum. Vaureal, France (Setlist)
06/04/2017    Rock Hard Festival. Gelsenkirchen, Germany (Festival Site) (Setlist)
06/05/2017    Binuu. Berlin, Germany (Setlist)
06/06/2017    Tivoli. Bremen, Germany (Setlist)
06/08/2017    Sweden Rock Festival. Sölvesborg, Sweden (Festival Site) (Setlist) (Joe DiBiase on bass for this performance)
06/11/2017    The Chance. Poughkeepsie, NY (with Infinite Spectrum, Last Pharaoh, Grendle) (Setlist)
06/13/2017    Upstate Concert Hall. Clifton Park, NY (with Infinite Spectrum, The Final Sleep, Winters Burden) (Setlist)
06/14/2017    Mulcahy’s. Wantagh, NY (with Infinite Spectrum, Warrior Soul, Magus Beast) (Setlist)
06/15/2017    Ram’s Head On Stage. Annapolis, MD (with Infinite Spectrum) (Setlist)
06/16/2017    Gramercy Theatre. New York, NY (with Infinite Spectrum, Lost Legacy) (Setlist)
06/18/2017    Mexicali Live. Teaneck, NJ (with Infinite Spectrum, VooDoo Terror Tribe, Legion) (Setlist)
06/20/2017    Iron Works. Buffalo, NY (with Infinite Spectrum) (Setlist)
06/21/2017    Mod Club. Toronto, Canada (with Infinite Spectrum) (Setlist)
06/22/2017    Agora Ballroom. Cleveland, OH (with Infinite Spectrum) (Setlist)
06/23/2017    Token Lounge. Detroit, MI (with Infinite Spectrum, TilesImminent Sonic Destruction) (Setlist)
06/24/2017    The Forge. Joliet, IL (with Infinite Spectrum, Dissona) (Setlist)
06/25/2017    Shank Hall. Milwaukee, WI (with Infinite Spectrum) (Setlist)
06/27/2017    The Rex Theater. Pittsburgh, PA (with Infinite Spectrum, Vermithrax, Doctor Smoke) (Setlist)
06/28/2017    Sellersville Theater. Sellersville, PA (with Infinite Spectrum) (Setlist)
06/30/2017    Webster Theater. Hartford, CT (with Infinite Spectrum, Sharman’s Harvest, Sacred Oath, Shadow Kingdom, Devil Inside, Within The Abyss, Casting Shadows) (Setlist)
07/01/2017    Brighton Music Hall. Allston, MA (with Infinite SpectrumDivine Regale) (Setlist)
08/03/2017    Nobel. Leiden, Netherlands (with Psycho Village) (Setlist)
08/04/2017    Wacken Open Air. Wacken, Germany (Festival Site) (Setlist)
08/05/2017    Neushoorn. Leeuwarden, Netherlands (Setlist)
08/09/2017    Scout Bar. Houston, TX (with Evil United, Apocalyptic, Azrael’s Bane) (Setlist)
08/10/2017    Trees. Dallas, TX (with Evil United, Infidel Rising, In Search of Sight) (Setlist)

2018 Fates Warning Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, Ray AlderJoey Vera, Michael Abdow and Bobby Jarzombek
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
01/05/2018   Studio Seven. Seattle, Washington (with Killian Mahaffey, The People Now, Coven 6669) (Setlist)
01/07/2018   Circo Volador. Mexico City, Mexico (Setlist)
01/11/2018   Count’s Vamp’d. Las Vegas, Nevada (with Kill Ritual, Tyrants By Night) (Setlist)
01/12/2018   Club Red. Phoenix, Arizona (with DemiAura, Vital Pilots) (Setlist)
01/13/2018   Brick By Brick. San Diego, California (with Symbolic, Alchemy) (Setlist)
01/14/2018   The Whisky A G0-Go. Los Angeles, California (with Aeonic Impulse. Killing Tyranny) (Setlist)
01/18/2018   Turock. Essen, Germany (with Methodica, Long Distance Calling) (Setlist)
01/19/2018   Colos-Saal. Aschaffenburg, Germany (with Methodica, Long Distance Calling) (Setlist)
01/20/2018   Legend. Milan, Italy (with Methodica) (Setlist)
01/21/2018   Orion. Rome, Italy (with Methodica) (Setlist)
01/23/2018   Orto Bar. Ljubljana, Slovenia (with Methodica) (Setlist)
01/24/2018   A38. Budapest, Hungary (with Methodica) (Setlist)
01/25/2018   Dom Omladine. Belgrade, Serbia (with Methodica) (Setlist)
01/26/2018   Principal Club Theater. Thessaloniki, Greece (with Methodica) (Setlist)
01/27/2018   Fuzz Club. Athens, Greece (with Methodica) (Setlist)

06/29/2018    Live Over Europe released

2018 Fates Warning South American Tour Dates
The lineup for this tour is: Jim Matheos, Ray AlderJoey Vera, Michael Abdow and Craig Anderson
(See Tour Notes for additional information)
10/09/2018   Club Subterráneo. Santiago, Chile (Setlist)
10/11/2018   Jarawa (Lima Metal Fest Sideshow). Arequipa, Peru (with Fallen Symmetry, Maximus, Thunderstrike) (Setlist)
10/13/2018   Lima Metal Fest III. Lima, Peru (Setlist)