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Ray Alder interview by Rodrigo Altaf (08/07/2018)

Original: By Rodrigo Altaf One of the most important bands for the prog metal scene, Fates Warning has had an extensive career since the mid 80’s, and recently released an all-encompassing live album. “Live Over Europe” was reviewed by Lotsofmuzik’s collaborator Rodrigo Altaf here. In an exclusive interview to Lotsofmuzik, their singer Ray Alder reflects on the state of the band right now, the gap between studio albums and how his voice has changed over time, amongst [...]

Ray Alder interview by Last Rites (06/15/2018)

Original: By Manny-O-War An Interview With Ray Alder Of Fates Warning – Live From Madrid Fates Warning has long been a favorite among serious metalheads. These pioneers of the progressive/power metal genre (later turned straight progressive) have forever marched to the beat of their own drummer (usually in a fascinating time signature). The more intellectual (fine, nerdy) metalheads have spent countless hours arguing the progression of their music, arguing the merits of their different [...]

Ray Alder interview by Sonic Perspectives (06/08/2018)

Original: By Gonzalo Pozo and Rodrigo Altaf Ray Alder has been singing his heart out for prog metal giants Fates Warning since 1987. Over those three decades, he has inspired generations of fans, risen to new vocal challenges, and even let James LaBrie sing backup with him when nobody knew who James LaBrie was. Alder began performing professionally in high school and joined Fates Warning as a teenager; he has also fronted his own band Engine, and spent several years at the helm with the eminent California-based [...]

Bobby Jarzombek interview by Jimmy Cabbs (01/16/2018)

Text excerpts (full video interviews below): On the group's plans to record a live album during their in-progress European tour: Bobby: "We have nine shows there, and we're going to record all the shows. The good thing about technology these days is, unlike back in the day where you had a big mobile truck that you had to put outside and record one show, and there's an engineer back there turning knobs and all that [...]

Joey Vera interview by Bass, My Fever (10/21/2017)

Original: I learned early on that players should play with attitude. Mean it. Just do it. But do it with passion and attitude [.....] For me it's always been about groove. If you groove, you're alright by me Our passion for Armored Saint has begun  with the release of their first legendary EP in 1983. So for thirty-four years  we have been familiar with Joey Vera’s name as well as with his nervous, strong and [...]

Joey Vera interview by eonmusic (04/01/2017)

Original link - Excerpt from full interview above: Moving on, and you’ve been busy with Fates Warning, who released ‘Theories of Flight’ in 2016. We had a great time making ‘Darkness’ [2013’s ‘Darkness Into A Different Light’] also, and it was great to make this record as well. We think that this record is another chapter for Fates Warning. One of the cool things about Fates - and it’s sort of similar, in my opinion, [...]