2003 Tour Notes

///2003 Tour Notes
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Notes from the 2003 tour

Mark Zonder was unavailable for the first part of this tour, so Nick D’Virgilio filled in on drums for dates 6/20/2003 through 7/24/2003. Mark Zonder returned for 7/25/2003 through 8/02/2003.

The OSI song “ShutDOWN” was added to the setlist for this tour (only the heavier section was performed). Mike Portnoy played drums on this song each night, with Nick D’Virgilio handling vocals. In Portland, OR (August 1, 2003), the band was also joined by Sean Malone on bass for this song.

Wilmington, DE – July 12, 2003: ┬áThis was an outdoor venue on the waterfront in Wilmington. A thunderstorm rolled in and the band had to stop in the middle of their 6th song (a cover of shutDOWN). By the time the storm passed, it was too late for FW to finish their set. Both Queensryche and Dream Theater had to abbreviate their sets later that night as a result as well.
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