1985 Tour Notes

///1985 Tour Notes
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A page from Victor Arduini’s original notebook, listing some very early tour dates:









Notes from a couple of bootleg recordings from this tour (sent in by a fan)

-Queens, NY 3/22/85
Buried Alive, The Calling, Without A Trace, Night On Brocken, Shadowfax, Radio
Underground, Kiss Of Death, Epitaph, Misfit, Kyrie Eleison
(Radio Underground is an old version of Pirates of the Underground)

-Dertoit, MI 9/12/85
Traveller In Time, Buried Alive, The Calling, Orphan Gypsy, Pirates Of The
Underground, Misfit, Without A Trace, Shadowfax, The Apparition, Kiss of
Death, Soldier Boy, Kyrie Eleison

-NYC, NY 11/22/85
Traveller In Time, The Calling, Orphan Gypsy, Pirates Of The Underground,
Misfit, The Apparition, Kiss Of Death

~Levente P Jakab <levente@mit.edu>

A note sent in from a fan at one of the early shows:

I saw Fates right after the release of “Night On Brocken” in Hartford Connecticut at the Agora Ballroom. The show was called “Metal for Meals”…..and was a benefit show featuring local bands like Fates and Society’s Children. Victor’s wife kept bitching at me because I had a cigarette too close to Vic as he was playing. It was an exciting show….because Metal was still fresh….and Fates Warning were the local band that made a kick ass record. Ask Jim if he remembers that show…
~LEN DUFFY <lenduffy@home.com>