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Bobby Jarzombek interview by Brave Words (07/04/2016)

Original link - By Kelley Simms FATES WARNING - SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE FLIGHT! On its 12th release, Theories Of Flight (out now via InsideOut Music), Connecticut’s progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning continues its upward momentum it achieved on its 2013 comeback album, Darkness in a Different Light. Considering Fates’ track record between releases throughout its 34-year career (it took nine years from 2004’s FWX to Darkness in a Different Light), three years for a [...]

Bobby Jarzombek interview by Dead Rhetoric (07/03/2016)

Original link - By Matt Coe Fates Warning – Taking Flight Adapt or die. A motto many older bands of the genre struggle with – especially as the music consumption model streamlines into digital platforms where proper compensation becomes the hot button topic at hand. As one of the premiere acts in progressive metal, Fates Warning stride along from their 1980’s beginnings to a current incarnation of veterans well equipped to deliver all the goods in [...]

Goldmine Magazine interview with Jim Matheos (07/01/2016)

Original link - By Patrick Prince Fates Warning flies high with “Theories” In 1984, Connecticut-based Fates Warning was officially introduced to the music world with “Night on Bröcken.” The debut album on Metal Blade Records included a classy brand of traditional heavy metal with the gifted vocalist John Arch leading the charge. A few years later, an equally talented vocalist, Ray Alder, replaced Arch and the band released the “No Exit” album (1988). It was by this point that the band solidly embraced a more [...]

Totally Driven Radio interview with Bobby Jarzombek (06/19/2016)

Original link - Totally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm Est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, hosted by Bay Ragni and Nick Wilkinson covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews, This week we had The Drum Monster himself, Bobby Jarzombek, drummer of Fates Warning and Sebastian Bach. We talked to Bobby about……….. [...]

Noisefull interview with Jim Matheos (06/15/2016)

Original link - By Chris Karadimitris Nikos Katapidis Talking with Jim Matheos in not just another interview with a musician. It mostly seems like having the chance to speak with the guy responsible for many introverted trips and conversations with yourself after listening to his music and reading his lyrics. Now, as the really great new album, called "Theories Of Flight" is about to be released he let us know a few things about its creation, about [...]

Static Age interview with Ray Alder (06/09/2016)

Original link - By Blanca Voyager Right from the impressive first minutes of their new album, Fates Warning proves itself to be one of those rare veteran bands capable of delivering new material as poignant and powerful as their many high points of the past. One listen to the textures, momentum, attack and emotion in “From The Rooftops,” and it’s apparent that the band who defined progressive metal with albums such as Awaken The Guardian, Perfect [...]

Interview with Graceann Warn (05/23/2016)

Interview by Michael R. Ebert Original link: Graceann Warn is a Michigan artist focusing on paintings and assemblages whose work has been exhibited in various galleries in the U.S. and Canada.  In progressive metal, she is known as the artist who created "Theories of Flight," the artwork appearing on the cover of Fates Warning's 2016 album of the same name.  Guitarist Jim Matheos adopted the flight-based phrase as the album title after coming across Warn's piece [...]’s interview with Bobby Jarzombek (01/16/2014)'s interview with Bobby Jarzombek (01/16/2014) Original interview from: Metal In A Different Light: The Maestro's Interview With Bobby Jarzombek Of FATES WARNING  By Damian J. Cousins aka "The Maestro", Dallas Contributor Thursday, January 16, 2014 @ 5:29 PM "Anytime you have FATES WARNING fans you’re gonna have somebody that is a fan of maybe some of the poppier songs that aren’t so adventurous but they like the music in them." Last month on one [...] interview with Ray Alder (12/06/2013) interview with Ray Alder (12/06/2013) Original rticle: Ray Adler Talks New Fates Warning Album "Darkness In A Different Light" posted Dec 6 2013 at 7:15 PM by xFiruath. Fates Warning is out now with new album "Darkness In A Different Light," which is the first new full-length offering from the progressive metal band in nearly a decade. Supporting this new release, Fates Warning recently wrapped up the first half of a U.S. tour with [...]

San Antonio Current’s brief chat with Ray Alder (12/04/2013)

San Antonio Current's brief chat with Ray Alder (12/04/2013) Original article: FATES WARNING BACK IN SA WITH A VENGEANCE By Gonzalo Pozo PUBLISHED: DECEMBER 4, 2013 For a guy who skipped town 25 years ago, singer and native San Antonian Ray Alder still oozes River City essence. He’s laid back, passionate about his craft and eager to impress his mom when his band, legendary progressive metal progenitors Fates Warning, invades Backstage Live on Wednesday. He’s [...]