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Ray Alder interview by Louder Than War (09/07/2016)

Original link - By Mike Ainscoe Back in June we took a look at  ‘Theories Of Flight’, the impressive new album from American prog metallers Fates Warning (LTW review here). Mike Ainscoe managed a quick Q&A  with singer Ray Alder to catch up on what his  well established band have been up to in preparation for recording and releasing the album. Louder Than War: There was a bit of a gap in terms of album releases from [...]

Ray Alder interview by Source (09/02/2016)

Original link - By Falber SOURCE – Where do you think Theories Of Flight stands in terms of your past releases? Ray Alder (Vocals) – I think it’s a bit more straight forward than some of our other albums. Of course it has a couple of 10 minute songs, which is very like us but it also some very melodic and memorable choruses… A lot of people say it reminds them of “Parallels” because of the [...]

Bobby Jarzombek interview by Amps and Green Screens (08/27/2016)

Original link - By Damian Catching Up With Fates Warning’s Bobby Jarzombek I had another chance to sit down with one of my favorite drummers of all time in Bobby Jarzombek from FATES WARNING. The band was preparing to release latest CD Theories of Flight (out now, InsideOut Music) at the time, so Bobby took some time out from his busy schedule to have a chat with A&GS. In addition to sharing with us what [...]

Bass Player interview with Joey Vera (07/08/2016)

Original link - By FREDDY VILLANO Below are some excerpts from the original interview with both Joey Vera and Eddie Jackson (Queensrÿche). See the above link for the full interview. What’s the difference between playing bass now versus when you were coming up? Joey Vera – It’s really easy to get humbled these days scouring YouTube where you see these super young guys coming up. Some of these players now are crazy. We grew up in [...]

Jim Matheos interview by Loudwire (07/08/2016)

Original link - By Joe DiVita Fates Warning have released their 12th studio album, Theories of Flight, one of the finest albums in the progressive metal act’s 30-plus-year career. We had the opportunity to speak with lone remaining founding member, chief songwriter and producer, Jim Matheos. In this interview, he discussed writing alone and his growing comfort as a producer in the studio as well as what it was like putting forth incredible personal lyrics and more. Check [...]

Jim Matheos interview by The Prog Report (07/06/2016)

Original link - Fates Warning are back with a vengeance and a brand new in ‘Theories of Flight’.  The album is being hailed as one of their best to date.  We talked with guitarist and founding member Jim Matheos talks about the group’s new album as well as a look back at some classic albums, Parallels and A Pleasant Shade of Gray.

Joey Vera interview by Joel Gausten (07/04/2016)

Original link - By Joel Gausten A New Flight: Joey Vera on Fates Warning's Latest Opus An active musician for nearly 35 years, renowned Metal bassist Joey Vera is a crucial part of three of the strongest records released in the last 18 months – Armored Saint's Win Hands Down, Motor Sister's Ride and Progressive Metal giants Fates Warning's much-anticipated 12th studio album, Theories Of Flight.   Released on July 1 via InsideOutMusic, Theories Of Flight finds Fates Warning (completed [...]

Bobby Jarzombek interview by Brave Words (07/04/2016)

Original link - By Kelley Simms FATES WARNING - SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE FLIGHT! On its 12th release, Theories Of Flight (out now via InsideOut Music), Connecticut’s progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning continues its upward momentum it achieved on its 2013 comeback album, Darkness in a Different Light. Considering Fates’ track record between releases throughout its 34-year career (it took nine years from 2004’s FWX to Darkness in a Different Light), three years for a [...]

Bobby Jarzombek interview by Dead Rhetoric (07/03/2016)

Original link - By Matt Coe Fates Warning – Taking Flight Adapt or die. A motto many older bands of the genre struggle with – especially as the music consumption model streamlines into digital platforms where proper compensation becomes the hot button topic at hand. As one of the premiere acts in progressive metal, Fates Warning stride along from their 1980’s beginnings to a current incarnation of veterans well equipped to deliver all the goods in [...]

Goldmine Magazine interview with Jim Matheos (07/01/2016)

Original link - By Patrick Prince Fates Warning flies high with “Theories” In 1984, Connecticut-based Fates Warning was officially introduced to the music world with “Night on Bröcken.” The debut album on Metal Blade Records included a classy brand of traditional heavy metal with the gifted vocalist John Arch leading the charge. A few years later, an equally talented vocalist, Ray Alder, replaced Arch and the band released the “No Exit” album (1988). It was by this point that the band solidly embraced a more [...]

Totally Driven Radio interview with Bobby Jarzombek (06/19/2016)

Original link - Totally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Thursday night from 8 – 11 pm Est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, hosted by Bay Ragni and Nick Wilkinson covers the world of sports and entertainment each week, as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews, This week we had The Drum Monster himself, Bobby Jarzombek, drummer of Fates Warning and Sebastian Bach. We talked to Bobby about……….. [...]