Ray Alder talks about Long Day Good Night with Distorted Sound (01/09/2021)

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Ray Alder talks about Long Day Good Night with Distorted Sound (01/09/2021)

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Fates Warning: The Gift Of Music

01/09/2021 By Dan McHugh

Approaching almost 40 years as a band and playing a key role in the evolution of progressive metal is an impressive feat in itself but FATES WARNING have got zero intention in hanging up their instruments just yet. 2020 brings to us their thirteenth full length release and highly anticipated follow up to 2016’s Theories Of Flight entitled Long Day Good Night. An album which might just be their boldest effort yet.

When asked what can be expected from this release their iconic frontman Ray Alder replied with “Sheer joy! I feel this album has a wide range of styles of music that shift from up-tempo rock to electronic and moody with a bit of sombre music thrown in that I think is quite easy to listen to.”

Long Day Good Night is an expansive outing which culminates in a 72 minute journey through a variety of moods, styles and tones that provides a little bit of everything that has brought them such adulation over the years as well as some added experimentation that is a testament to their drive to be at the top of their game and the love for their craft. “We incorporated a string section in Under The Sun as well as the jazz and saxophone section in The Longest Shadow Of The Day and that was quite different for us, I think it worked out very well. We didn’t intend to create our longest record yet but I believe we began with the idea to write about 10-11 songs which changed along with the writing process,” explains Ray.

“As Jim [Matheos, guitarist and main songwriter] was sending me music to write to he would say that he wasn’t sure whether some songs were the right fit for the album but we would work on them together and we really liked what we created. We decided that rather than having a lot of similar songs that it would be best to have a host of different styles to make the album more interesting. We toyed with having extra songs on a bonus disc but with it being our thirteenth album we thought it would be fitting to have that number of songs.”

It is expected that during such an extensive period of time that members will come and go along the way but FATES WARNING have maintained a pretty stable lineup with only a handful of changes, particularly in the drums department. This solid foundation is one of the core reasons why they have managed to sustain such a storied, fruitful career. “We have a wonderful bond between us all,” expresses Ray. “After working together for so long we pretty much always know what one another is thinking, at least musically! It’s always great to work with Mike [Abdow, touring guitarist] too, he fits in perfectly with the rest of us.” In addition to the instrumental prowess they have at their disposal this release also features guest appearances by some of the progressive scenes most influential musicians including drummer Gavin Harrison [PORCUPINE TREE/THE PINEAPPLE THIEF].

At 53 years of age, Ray has experienced all the highs and lows which come along with being a touring musician. 2020 and the ongoing struggles which have befallen the music industry has provided another obstacle to overcome but Ray is just thankful to be able to follow his passion and continue to create music even in the most unfortunate of circumstances. “Music is my life. It’s pretty much all I’ve ever known since I was a teenager. I never had dreams of becoming a musician, it just all sort of happened. There’s nothing like being on the road with some of your best friends and seeing and travelling the world together and knowing that the four of us can create something so special together that people can enjoy is a gift I think.”

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