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Theories Of Flight review – The Midlands Rocks (07/14/2016)

Original link - By Stephen Brophy WOW! Maybe I should just leave it at that. When you start to listen to an album by one of the forefathers of the Progressive Metal movement and the very first song on that album blows you away and hooks you at the very same time, it’s just a wonderful [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – Metal Injection (07/11/2016)

Original link - By RILEY ROWE I think it's safe to say that Fates Warning has had a relatively smooth stroll down the progressive path since the mid 80's. And before I get too many fans jumping down my throat, I acknowledge that power metal also had a large role in their music, but I would predominantly [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – Metal Invader (07/10/2016)

Original link - By Chris Papadakis I could easily fit into the category of people who keep a “small basket” while waiting for the next recording step of Fates Warning, especially after “Darkness In a Different Light”, which despite its interesting moments, it was in my opinion a weak link between the chains of Fates Warning [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – Ultimate Guitar (07/09/2016)

Original link - By UG Team Fates Warning continues its streak of consistently top-quality prog-metal with this mesmerizing, hard-hitting record. Sound: Fates Warning, to me, comprises one of the "big three" bands of American progressive metal, along with Dream Theater and Queensrÿche, and unlike their contemporaries, they have managed to avoid drama and have been [...]

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