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Notes on the new album from Ray Alder

Album notes taken from Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/us/album/long-day-good-night/1525788617 Long Day Good Night When it came time to record the vocals for Long Day Good Night, Fates Warning singer Ray Alder was living under strict pandemic lockdown rules in his adopted home of Madrid, Spain. “You couldn’t go to a studio and record, but one of the [...]

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Begin Again (Official Video)

Video by Patrick Atkins / https://patrickatkins.co.uk LYRICS: Forget the stars above you Forget the ties that hold you I confess Time flows so slowly When you’re holding on to broken memories Push aside regret And now the night is falling That darkness comes from within Forget the lies they told you Forget the skies above [...]

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Now Comes The Rain (Official Lyric Video)

Now Comes the Rain -Lyrics- Underneath that pale moon is where you discovered That sometimes we have to lose to win It’s a shame you never knew, sit there disillusioned And oh, how the mighty fall now, we learn from our mistakes (I would laugh aloud) One hand washes the other (Dare the clouds) The [...]

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