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Interview with Joe DiBiase (4/29/2001)

Interview with Joe Dibiase (4/29/2001) by Daryl Mitchell of Joe, what were your early musical influences? Joe D: What originally got me playing the bass was Kiss. Some kids in the neighborhood had a little band together playing mostly Kiss songs and the only thing left for me to play was the bass. [...]

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Interview with Frank Aresti (4/18/2001)

Interview with Frank Aresti - 4/18/01 by Daryl Mitchell (webmaster of fateswarning.comĀ in 2001) Where were you musically before joining Fates Warning? (what were your influences, path of study, bands you've played with, etc) Frank Aresti: My main influences when I was younger were Randy Rhoads and Malmsteen. I loved the band Boston, but more [...]

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USA TODAY Chat with Fates Warning (04/13/2001)

USA TODAY Chat with Fates Warning - Friday, April 13, 6 p.m. ET Talk to edgy prog-rockers Fates Warning about their newest release, Disconnected; their tour with Savatage; the addition of Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Engine) and keyboardist/guitarist Shaun Michaud (Event) to the lineup; and anything else that strikes your fancy (or theirs). Concord, CA: [...]

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