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Sea Of Tranquility – Jim Matheos Interview (Fall 2000)

This interview originally appeared in the magazine Sea Of Tranquility (Issue #6 - Fall 2000) Still Connected A Conversation with Jim Matheos, of the legendary Fates Warning By James BickersIf there had been no Fates Warning, there would most likely have been no progressive metal. That's a bold statement, but I believe it's true. (And [...]

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Interview With Ray Alder (10/2000)

This interview was conducted in October 2000 by Alex (no further information known) Interview With Ray Alder by Alex The complexity of simplicity... To put down many words about this band almost borders on waste of space, because together with DREAM THEATER, FATES WARNING are among the spear-point of Progressive Metal. With their current album [...]

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Fates Warning Is ‘disconnected’ – Billboard Magazine (06/2000)

This article originally appeared in Billboard magazine, June 2000 Fates Warning Is 'disconnected' By Clay Marshall LOS ANGELES -- Though it clocks in at roughly 50 minutes, Fates Warning's ninth studio album, "disconnected," has only seven tracks. Still, that's six more than the veteran progressive-rock outfit included on its last record, 1997's "A Pleasant Shade [...]

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This interview was conducted in 2000 by Martin Popoff of Fates Warning Re-Wired: A Chat with Ray Alder by Martin Popoff "Well, as you know, Fates Warning has a bit of a dark cloud over us," laughs Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder, intimating more about the band's career than he would like to admit. [...]

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