Rare live video from 1985 provided by Victor Arduini

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Rare live video from 1985 provided by Victor Arduini

Victor Arduini has provided a rare glimpse into the early live days of Fates Warning with this video. Here’s his description:

Back in March of 85″ Fates Warning played in Boston, Mass at a club called Celebrations.
We had some new songs that wanted to try out amongst the songs we were still playing from Night On Broken.
This tape was filmed by an employee who had it streaming on TV’s in the room (you’ll see them in The Calling). I asked if he’d record our set which he did. For $20 I got probably the only decent video from our time together. Unfortunately is has sat in my closet for almost 28 years. Reason….. the tape had no audio. I used a bit of it to create a video for Damnation (which is not here in it’s entirely). But Steve Zimmerman found the cassette audio (which I recorded at the show) and I made the painstaking attempt to sync it together. Issues arose immediately. First the audio was not at same speed of video and secondly the show was not captured on video in it’s entirely as he started a few songs in and paused for a few more during the show. The video you see is all there is. I did my best to line it up and correct the speed (trick… listen to band tuning up and I adjusted until tape was in the correct key). Sorry about the weird video angles and intense motion. Not sure what he was thinking.
Also the crowd talking. (mics must have been in area)
I hope all the fans of Fates enjoy this very rare and never before seen (except for the band) video of the original Fates Warning that started it all.
Gotta love the spandex !!!

Buried Alive
Without A Trace
The Calling
Damnation (1st half)
Epitaph (end only)
Kiss Of Death
Soldier Boy

Fates Warning – Live at Celebrations 3/5/1985

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