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ALBUM REVIEW: Long Day Good Night – Fates Warning

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11/07/2020 By Dan McHugh

ALBUM REVIEW: Long Day Good Night – Fates Warning

There are few bands which have had such a prosperous and length career as progressive metal legends FATES WARNING. They have been in the game for a jaw-dropping 35+ years and show no signs of slowing down just yet with the arrival of their thirteenth studio album. Long Day Good Night is available now via Metal Blade Records, will this release further cement their legacy amongst the greats?

The Destination Onward commences with a calm, subtle introduction before dark, dramatic tones and sharp drum beats come forth alongside solemn vocal work. The pace begins to pick up as the track progresses as chunky bass lines and flamboyant solo instances get this release off to a positive start. Shuttered World provides vibrant, nimble guitar segments that combine effectively with powerful, layered vocals and addictive melodies to raise the energy levels. Alone We Walk possesses a similar commanding stride, also throwing an enticing prose and technical drum flourishes into the mix.

Now Comes The Rain displays an alluring accessible tone and is the perfect live track with its nostalgic 80’s vibe. The chorus will be drilled into your head long after you’ve finished listening. The Way Home follows a similar suit with its clean, minimalist construction. As it progresses it transforms from a ballad into a jazzier, more sprightly offering. Under The Sun showcases an emotive soundscape with an enthralling string section, acoustic guitar pieces and poignant vocals to tug on your heart strings.

Scars gets the blood pumping with an invigorating heavier edge. Slick solo bursts and a snappy instrumental cohesion certainly hits the spot. Begin Again reprises the more radio-friendly demeanor, providing neat vocal harmonies. The bass lines give the overall arrangement a solid foundation. The pulsing nature of When Snow Falls adds an extra layer of theatricality to the evocative, mellow vocal work.

Liar kicks it up a notch with robust riff sections and groove injected drumming. Tantalizing lead work also makes its presence felt. Glass Houses carries this momentum and confidently gallops along, creating one of the most exciting tracks overall. It’s a bold decision to sling an 11 minute piece out this late in the game after already producing a pretty hefty array of material but there is plenty to digest and appreciate within the significant run time of The Longest Shadow Of The Day. FATES WARNING take this as an opportunity to show off the full extent of their creative flair and eccentric charm. From quirky drum fills to proficient riff wielding this track certainly doesn’t overstay its welcome. The ironically titled The Last Song wasn’t really a requirement after the splendor of what has just unfolded but it provides a brief moment of contemplation with its peaceful acoustic vibe.

There is no doubt that FATES WARNING are masters of their craft but Long Day Good Night may feel too extensive to maintain the focus of the occasional visitor. There is an abundance of styles and skills on display but whether it is enough to convince listeners to stay for the hour plus duration is up for debate. Despite this and the overall cohesion feeling a bit awry the compositions are impressive and exhibit a wealth of talent that is worth delving into.

Rating: 8/10

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