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FATES WARNING launch new single and unboxing video for “Live Over Europe” release!

Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING are now presenting a third single for their upcoming new live album entitled “Live Over Europe”, which will be released June 29th, 2018 via InsideOutMusic worldwide. Check out “Life in Still Water”, which was recorded during the show in Aschaffenburg / Germany of FATES WARNING’s latest European tour, here: [...]

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Ray Alder interview by Last Rites (06/15/2018)

Original: By Manny-O-War An Interview With Ray Alder Of Fates Warning – Live From Madrid Fates Warning has long been a favorite among serious metalheads. These pioneers of the progressive/power metal genre (later turned straight progressive) have forever marched to the beat of their own drummer (usually in a fascinating time signature). The more [...]

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Ray Alder interview by Sonic Perspectives (06/08/2018)

Original: By Gonzalo Pozo and Rodrigo Altaf Ray Alder has been singing his heart out for prog metal giants Fates Warning since 1987. Over those three decades, he has inspired generations of fans, risen to new vocal challenges, and even let James LaBrie sing backup with him when nobody knew who James LaBrie was. Alder began performing professionally in high school and joined Fates Warning as [...]

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