Joey Vera interview by eonmusic (04/01/2017)

//Joey Vera interview by eonmusic (04/01/2017)

Joey Vera interview by eonmusic (04/01/2017)

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Moving on, and you’ve been busy with Fates Warning, who released ‘Theories of Flight’ in 2016.
We had a great time making ‘Darkness’ [2013’s ‘Darkness Into A Different Light’] also, and it was great to make this record as well. We think that this record is another chapter for Fates Warning. One of the cool things about Fates – and it’s sort of similar, in my opinion, to the Armored Saint records – is each record is very different to the previous one. So this one is also different from everything else we’ve done, but I think it’s got best of all worlds; it’s got some proggy stuff, and some really catchy stuff, with great vocals and great songs.

How has touring been going around the Fates Warning record?
We’re super happy with the way the record came out, and we’ve been anxious to do more dates. We’ve just finished the first set of dates in Europe a couple of weeks ago which went phenomenal, so we’re looking forward to doing more. We’ve got another bunch coming up in Europe, and the US in June.

Is it difficult switching between the Fates Warning and Armored Saint hats, so to speak?
Not really. I just got home from Europe with Fates, and was deathly ill, so I really came home and just got myself back to health and then it was like; “Oh shit, I’ve got to go over these songs again for the Armored Saint tour”. And I’m like; “How many songs are we doing?” And John says; “We’re doing like fifteen”, and I’m like; “Fuck!”Most of them, it’s like riding a bike, but it was a little bit of switching hats, as you put it. It was sort of; “let’s just think about this for a minute!”

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