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Theories Of Flight review – Musicalypse (06/29/2016)

Original link - By Ville Karttunen Progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning started enriching my record collection around the time their previous album, Darkness in a Different Light (2013), came out. After I’d become better acquainted with the rest of their discography, I came to the conclusion that it was a very solid comeback after a 9-year [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – Progressive Music Planet (06/28/2016)

Original link - By progmanrob There’s a lot of hype behind the new Fates Warning album, “Theories of Flight.” For one thing, it hasn’t been that long since the last Fates Warning album, “Darkness in a Different Light’ which came out in 2013. Three years is short when you consider that the album before that [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – Bloody Good Music (06/27/2016)

Original link - By Chris C Fates Warning is in an interesting, albeit confusing, place right now. The band still exists, as evidenced by the fact that we are talking about a new album just a few years after their last one, but they are also occasionally hitting the road as their former selves, with [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – Angry Metal Guy (06/23/2016)

Original link - By Dr. Fisting Circumstances have not been kind to prog-metal forefathers Fates Warning. For most of the past decade and a half, the band has been sidelined while far lesser acts have laid claim to the entire genre (oh hi,Dream Theater). The fact that Fates have released some incredibly inaccessible albums has not helped their cause, [...]

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