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Theories Of Flight review – Twilight (06/21/2016)

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By Bernd laundering (translated by Google)

That the current members of Fates Warning still great albums is released known. The fact that but an absolute highlight comes out surprised yet.

“Darkness in a different light” was amazingly strong, when one thinks of the little super-cooled predecessor “Disconnected” and “FWX”. With “Theories Of Flight” of the band is a big hit, reminiscent of the classic “Perfect Symmetry”, “Parallels” and “A pleasant Shade of Gray”. Even the quiet beginning entry “From The Rooftop” sounds like no other band. Ray Alder’s voice is unmistakable, this atmosphere can only guitarist Jim Matheos produce. When the piece with an insane bass line drive receives pass distorted guitars in complex driving rhythms (incredibly well on drums: Bobby Jarzombek) and then a great melody follows after another and merges into two choruses is clear that we have since 1997 no better pieces of this band have heard. “Seven Stars” would have made an excellent impression on the About Album “Parallels”.Catchy, slightly melancholic melodies make for a catchy tune. The harder tricky “SOS” is a whole area of “modern” at the listener, but shines with a beautiful chorus. There is a technical incisive break with a quiet central portion which does not destroy the second voltage of the piece. This part is like a whirlpool, one pulls into the sea (fits so well to the title “SOS”). The following “The Light Of Shade and Things” is atmospherically “A pleasant Shade Of Grey” very close. Accepts After three minutes very heavy riff control in an insane clock and has again a resounding chorus. The construction of the second longest piece is very rich application (with this “Grower” I had most to fight). After 7 minutes, it is quiet and then returns to the heavy complexity than before the very restrained opening melody can finish the epic calm. The more aggressive “White Flag” has now to “Disconnected”, “No Exit” and “FWX” towards, but has significantly more than the super-cooled modernity to offer, because this is real life in song. Similarly, the driving “Like Stars our Eyes have seen” in which reappears a beautiful melancholy refrain. It sounds like a good mix of “Perfect Symmetry”, “Disconnected” and “Parallels”. Up to this point Ray Alder was responsible for the lyrics, which deal with changes and fate. The lyrics of “The Ghost of Home” wrote Matheos. The album was supposed way to get this item. In this nearly 11-minute epic constructed song about childhood experiences is one of the best of Fates Warning ever. Here appear all the trademarks: silent as driving elements, twists, goosebumps melodies that unmistakable voice of Ray Alder, interesting sound effects, tricky rhythms.These ensure, as the last piece on the disk, one of the best progressive metal albums in ages. Oh no: after that comes the title track (a spherical Instrumental).

And here is the conclusion: Please support the currently best progressive metal band ever and buys you the album. It’s a classic!

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  1. Ian June 22, 2016 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Who wrote this review? Yoda?


    • webmaster June 23, 2016 at 7:52 am - Reply

      From German, Google Translate it was. 😉

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