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DETRITUS Interview: Ray Alder (11/1999)

DETRITUS Interview: Ray Alder (Fates Warning/Engine), by Clay Marshall -Exclusive interview with Ray Alder (Fates Warning/Engine) Since replacing John Arch in 1987, Ray Alder has been the voice of progressive rock outfit Fates Warning, where his unmistakable wails and midrange power have consistently wowed fans. With Engine, though, he gets the opportunity to chart his [...]

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The Dark Side of Cherry Red – Engine article from LA Weekly (10/13/1999)

The Dark Side of Cherry Red - Engine article from LA Weekly (10/13/1999) By Greg Burk Original article - "AAAAAAAEEEEEEGH!" RAY ALDER IS screaming and singing these days. With his new side project, Engine, he can afford to flex his cords a trifle more than he does with the respected Connecticut prog-metal outfit Fates [...]

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Mark Zonder’s Fateful Side Project – Modern Drummer (01/1999)

Mark Zonder's Fateful Side Project - Modern Drummer (01/1999) by T. Bruce Wittet Note: There are some editorial comments in {} from around 1996 or so, by Piotr ( His original posting of this interview can be found here - Text copyright by Modern Drummer© by kind permission of Suzanne Hurring Ever wonder what [...]

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