IRC Chat with Jim Matheos (06/03/1996)

//IRC Chat with Jim Matheos (06/03/1996)

IRC Chat with Jim Matheos (06/03/1996)

IRC Chat with Jim Matheos (06/03/1996)

This is an edited transcript of the IRC session with Jim Matheos conducted June 3rd, 1996 at 9pm.
(Special thanks to Nuggetman and Corey for providing us with the IRC log).

IRC Transcript

*** moanjam ( has joined channel #fateswarning

(moanjam) hey there folks

(guardian) mIRC32

*** Corey has changed the topic on channel #FatesWarning to Jim Matheos of Fates Warning … live, soon.

(moanjam) Is this some kind of interview or something??

(moanjam) ahh, I guess so.

*** Matheos (#$%&@@##$^&*.com) has joined channel #fateswarning

* moanjam sends greetings from Winnipeg

(NuGgeTMaN) there he is

(Matheos) hello

(moanjam) Hi Matheous

*** Seasons (rad@ has joined channel #fateswarning

(Matheos) is everyone here and alive?

(aepithex) woo-hoo!

(guardian) bingo!!

(TimA) hi jim!

* NuGgeTMaN is quite alive

(Seasons) yup!

(moanjam) Is this Galactic Cowboys??

(aepithex) more and less

(Seasons) want me to get more people jim??

(Matheos) how is everyone doing?

(Corey) Made it online with a minute to spare 🙂

(Seasons) same here how are you jim?

(aepithex) horrible. yourself?

(Seasons) Jim want me to get some people?

(guardian) Definitely, more people!!

(Matheos) I’m doing fine

(moanjam) Matheos: Do you like King’s X??

(Matheos) Does anyone have any questions to start off?

(Matheos) sure, the more the merrier

(TimA) when is the new album coming out???????

(Matheos) *laff* they are probably one of my favorite rock bands

(NuGgeTMaN) Just so everyone knows…I’m logging this to send to the YTSEJAM E-mail list…home of ALL The cool Dream theater fans!!! 🙂

(Seasons) what direction have you taken ?

(Matheos) it’s already out

(Matheos) you mean the FW album?

(Seasons) yes Jim

(aepithex) there’s a rumor that joey vera is the new guitar player. many of us think this is inaccurate since he’s a bass player. What’s up?

(Matheos) the new FW album looks like early next year unfortunately

(Matheos) hard to say what the direction is like. I can say that it’s completely different from the last few

(Matheos) That is partly true. At this point, he is most likely going to be playing bass on the new record, not guitar

(Corey) Have you found a permanent guitar player yet?

(TimA) why has it been pushed back?

(Matheos) is anyone loggin this whole thing?

(Seasons) ok i’m going to get the jammers be back in 2 min

(NuGgeTMaN) I’m logging this

(Corey) I am. It will be available on my website (Heady Metal)

(NuGgeTMaN) hehe want copies???

(Matheos) o Corey: We won’t be replacing Frank for recording, I’ll be doing the guitars for that

(aepithex) ah. is andre corbin going to be involved?

(Matheos) but we will most likely be using Andre Corbin (Helstar) for live situations

(NuGgeTMaN) Jim: when you say completely different…would you say more progressive…more Alternative…can you give us more to go on along those lines???

(Matheos) To Tima: mostly because there is a huge lag time from when you deliver an album and when the company puts it out

(Matheos) plus, the record album doesn’t like to put albums out after Oct 31..

(Matheos) so we would have to put an album out by July, and we haven’t even finished the writing

(TimA) jim…i thought the album was almost finished…how far along are you?

*** vodkavit ( has joined channel #FatesWarning

(Matheos) we would have to deliver the album to the record co. by July

(Matheos) given the fact that it takes us about 8 weeks to record a record, it would be impossible to put it out this year

*** Seasons (rad@ has joined channel #fateswarning

(vodkavit) Hello! Hi Jim.

(Matheos) To Aep: Most likely he’ll be taking over for Frank in the live stuff, but I’ll be doing the studio recording

(Matheos) To Nuggetman: NOT ALTERNATIVE!!!! more progressive. If I had to categorize it in terms of FW I’d say a cross btween Perfect and No Exit.. That’s very limited but it’s in that kind of vein

(NuGgeTMaN) haha good, cause Alternative sucks!!! 🙂

(TimA) YES!!! those are my 2 faves 🙂

(Matheos) To Tima: It’s been almost finished for about 8 months now.. music is all done..

(Matheos) lyrics are 2/3 done..

(Seasons) Jim there was no one on ytsejam sorry…

(aepithex) yes!!!!

(NuGgeTMaN) ditto TimA

(Matheos) right now I’m just working on lyrics and demos

(Matheos) the new album is going to be all one song..

(Matheos) hey vodka

(Corey) Jim:How long will it be?

(Seasons) jim is it a concept album??

(NuGgeTMaN) all one song…so like A Change of Seasons by Dream Theater or 2112 by rush?

(Matheos) thats ok seasons, thanks

(aepithex) when you record demos, do use a drum machine or a click track or something, and does Mark then follow basically what you wrote or does he come up with his own stuff?

(Matheos) To Corey: that’s a personal question 🙂 prolly between 50 and 55 minutes long

(TimA) btw…how long is jim going to be here?

*** Corey has changed the topic on channel #FatesWarning to Jim Matheos Live. Transcript on Heady Metal

(Matheos) TO Seasons: I’d rather not call it a concept record, I’d rather think of it as one continuous piece of music and lyrics

(Corey) Jim:Have you selected a producer for the new album?

(Matheos) To Nugget: Along those lines, but the ENTIRE Cd will be one song, no breaks

(Matheos) to my knowledge, no other band has done that yet

(NuGgeTMaN) sounds cool!

(TimA) can you say what the lyrics will be about?

(Matheos) To Tima: I’ll be here for a while Tima.. 🙂

(Seasons) jim: fair enough

(Seasons) jim: what about live performance of new “song”?

(Matheos) TO Corey: We’ve narrowed it down to Bill Metoyer, Max Norman, and Terry Brown

(TimA) so i guess this song won’t have much of a chance to get on radio or mtv 🙂

(Matheos) with a strong lean towards Terry

(Corey) Jim:Any chances of at least putting indexes on it?

(vodkavit) If it’s something like Ivory Gates of Dreams – that would be AWESOME!

(Matheos) To Tima: That would be kind of hard to summarize in a few words.. I will say that it takes place in real time

(Seasons) jim: go for Terry…

(aepithex) terry would be great. parallels has the coolest sound…

(Matheos) in other words, if the album is 50 minutes long, the lyrics would be like a person’s thought process in a 50 minute time span

* NuGgeTMaN nods

(Seasons) jim: what about live performance of new “song”?

(TimA) very interesting concept!

(Matheos) TO Corey: There is some disagreement among the band about putting them in

(NuGgeTMaN) Jim: So are you doing most of the writing for this…or is it a group effort…seeing as how it’s just one long song?

(vodkavit) Is Ray still singing?

(aepithex) indexes…they’d make it easier to listen to but then people would probably skip around and miss the point

(Matheos) I would like it to be indexed 1-? all the way through, the rest of the band would like indexes..

(Matheos) What do you guys think we should do? I would like your input on this one?

(Corey) Jim:Prince once made a CD that was all one song with no indexes. It did not go over well.

(NuGgeTMaN) I say bag that…make it one Long song and one long track

(Corey) Jim:If my vote counts I really would like indexes even if it is all one track.

(TimA) is mark going to work with kevin moore again?

(vodkavit) I vote for indexes. Sometimes you just have to hear one part over & over & over…

(Matheos) To Seasons: We will play the new album/song in it’s entirety straight through..

(Matheos) maybe with “Ivory Gates” as an encore 🙂

(NuGgeTMaN) TimA ya beat me to that haha

(Seasons) jim: how about indexes + names…. sorta like ivory gates?

(aepithex) um…i think i’d prefer indexes

(Seasons) jim: that would be incredible

(Matheos) To Nugget: For the past few it’s been me writing most of here, then I bring it to the band and we all put our little touches on it

* NuGgeTMaN nods

(Matheos) I would REALLY like to know what everyone thinks about the index thing..

(NuGgeTMaN) writing a 50+ minute song is quite a chore dood…I’ll buy it just to support the effort involved!

(Corey) Jim:You said the new album would be “more progressive.” Everyone defines progressive differently. What is your definition?

(TimA) i vote for indexes as well..even though i HAVE to listen to a whole song in its entirety…i hate even to skip different songs on a cd

(Matheos) TO Tima: as far as mark and kevin, they arnen’t working together right now, and I’m not sure what will happen in the future

*** PiNK3R ( has joined channel #fateswarning

(Seasons) jim: how bout touring? i’m from Montreal… to my knowledge you never came here!

(Matheos) If we do indexes then we would prolly have to do titles

(Matheos) to Nugget: Thanks man 🙂

(NuGgeTMaN) 🙂 no prob

(aepithex) my brother wants indexes too

(vodkavit) Not having titles would be VERY confusing for some of us “low on braincells” type people. At least a number..SOMETHING!!

(TimA) you guys came to vancouver, b.c. and played in a tiny club here…that was so cool! too bad that there weren’t too many people there 🙁

(Corey) Jim:John (Guitar Zone) votes for Max Norman to produce. He claims Max has the best guitar sound.

(Matheos) TO Corey: I think the best way to describe it would be that we got to involved in writing songs in the past few albums

(aepithex) and we both thank you for getting us into that concert last year

(Matheos) we tried to put much into a few minutes

(Matheos) for this, it’s about trying to write what YOU want to write without regard to structure or length

(NuGgeTMaN) The thing about indexes is that people miss the entirety of the song…and can’t really get a feel for the artists emotion and interpretation of the entire work…I say if someone just wants to here a minor portion of the song…

(aepithex) this sounds cool as hell…is it 97 yet?

*** savaweb ( has joined channel #FatesWarning

(NuGgeTMaN) they buy the CD, get a cheap blank tape, and record the parts they wanna hear and do it that way…but it should be their effort…not the bands

(Matheos) The Town Pump, I remember it well, Mike Portnoy did lights for us that night

(NuGgeTMaN) Mike’s cool

(vodkavit) Not true about missing the entirety. I always listen all the way thru, but occasionally you need to hear a part a couple more times.

(Matheos) To Corey: I would have to agree that Max definitely has the best guitar sound

(Seasons) jim: i took the liberty of posting in the DT news that this conference was happening

(Matheos) To Aep: Would that be the Pennsylvania show?

(guardian) my 2 cents: Fates Warning songs are some of the most emotional, heart stopping, tear-jerking, take on the world songs I’ve ever EXPERIENCED in my life. As a fan, NOT as a Metal Blade person, thank you.

(aepithex) yep. pittsburgh. that was totally awesome…first you got us in, and then you played the best show we ever saw

(Matheos) TO Nugget: Kind of sounds like me arguing with the rest of the band 🙂 But I think I’m starting to change my mind..

(Matheos) listening to you all tonight

(Seasons) Jim: would this new album have keys or samples?

(NuGgeTMaN) guardian: exactly…and to take a Fate’s song and manipulate it would not be the same effect

(NuGgeTMaN) haha Jim

(NuGgeTMaN) 🙂

(Matheos) To Seasons: Thanks dude

(Seasons) jim no prob

(Matheos) To Guardian: Well thank you very much

(TimA) that’s so cool that you remembered about the town pump! i hope it wasn’t for bad reasons

(Matheos) tell Aep: cool 🙂

(NuGgeTMaN) I believe that the Artists should do what they feel is best…you’re the one doing most of the work, so do what you feel is right…my personal opinion…make them listen to the WHOLE damn thing 🙂


(Matheos) To Seasons: kind of when you get right down to it, both…

(Seasons) jim: cool…

(vodkavit) I thought he WAS answering questions (???)

(aepithex) a third option is to overindex it like crazy. index every measure. that’d show ’em.

(TimA) any chance that kevin moore will step in and play some keys? 🙂

(Matheos) To Tima: I just pretty much remember all my shows.. At least segments of them

(Seasons) aepithex: hehe

(Seasons) tima: i was gonna ask that…

(Matheos) Well the band is still very much a democracy, so majority rules

* NuGgeTMaN nods

(Matheos) To Aep: That’s a good idea actually 🙂

(Corey) Jim:Your previous albums have shown a lot of diversity in your playing. Can we expect a more agressive style or introspective style on the new CD?

(vodkavit) Jim, do you remember that show at Limelight? That was a kill show, and good thing cause someone broke into our car and stole all our stuff, we had to go home & miss the Philly show:(

(Matheos) TO Tima: we’re still looking for the right person to do keys right now, and Kevin is in the top 3.. we haven’t asked him yet

(NuGgeTMaN) so get the majority to make it one big track…Poll the fans

(Matheos) To Corey: Both.. I really think this album has a lot of range, it goes from EXTREMELY mellow parts, to aggressive heavy stuff

(Matheos) really a wide range

(aepithex) i vote for kevin to do the keys

(Seasons) Jim: will you be touring Canada? Montreal?

(aepithex) let me rephrase that. i beg for kevin to do the keys.

(vodkavit) Kevin, yes!

(NuGgeTMaN) I personally would reccomend Kevin to do Key’s on any project, however I can’t see him being into doing that…especially after hearing his demo’s since he’s left DT…it would kinda be like going back into what he was doing with them in a way

(Matheos) To vodka: I remember many limelight shows, I’m not sure which one specifically

(Seasons) i agree… hehe

(TimA) what other keyboard players are you considering?

(vodkavit) And what about violins & cellos? Any one the new one??

(Matheos) To Seasons: Hard to say at this point. It’s not a question of where we want to tour, we’ll go wherever the demand is

* NuGgeTMaN demands North Florida shows!!!

(NuGgeTMaN) hehe

(Seasons) jim: ok i wish you come here though…

(Matheos) TO Tima: One of them is Hugh Syme..

(Matheos) He’s the guy that did the artwork for our last few albums, and all the rush albums

(Corey) Jim:Do you mind if I edit this down for the transcript? Match answers with questions, remove typo’s, reduce redundancy, etc?

(Matheos) he’s guested on a few rush albums too

(Matheos) To Vodka: No, no strings

(aepithex) dijeridoo?

(Matheos) To Corey: No problem.. not at all.

(Matheos) To Corey: Can you send a copy somewhere for me?

(Seasons) jim what can we expect vocal wise on the new album?

(aepithex) we know a kickass bagpipe player

(Corey) Jim:Sure. Anywhere.

(Matheos) To Aep: Yes 🙂 there will be a dijeridoo solo in 13/8

(Seasons) hehe

(NuGgeTMaN) that would RULE!!! hahaha

(TimA) haha

(Matheos) To Corey: Send it to #$%&@$#%^.com. he’s helping me out with this tonight

(guardian) You can always check it with my log later, Corey.

(Corey) Jim:Angra does have digideroo on Holy Land.

(Matheos) To Corey: did you get the addie?

(Matheos) the harmonica will also make an appearance 🙂

(Corey) Jim:Yes. It will go out.

(NuGgeTMaN) he’s logging it so I’d hope he got the addie

(aepithex) woo-hoo!

* NuGgeTMaN smiles

(Matheos) TO Corey: Who is angra?

(aepithex) kazoo! kazoo! one of the plastic ones!

(Matheos) To Corey: Thanks man

(Seasons) Jim: Agra a prog metal band… with a brazilian flavour…

(Corey) Jim: Not to plug my site, but if you visit I have a soundclip of them online. Very talented band.

(Matheos) TO Seasons: Ah. ok, thanks 🙂

(vodkavit) Well I gotta ago — best of luck Jim with the new album!

(Matheos) TO Vodka: Thanks for tuning in ..

*** vodkavit has left channel #FatesWarning

*** kwmadden ( has joined channel #fateswarning

(TimA) any thoughts on who you will take on the road with you (or open up for)?

(Seasons) Jim: you mentioned the new album had keys… how will this be done live?

(NuGgeTMaN) I would think they’d be more worried about getting the album out right now than who they’re going to tour with

(NuGgeTMaN) not to be rude or anything

(aepithex) re keys: i’ll do ’em 🙂

(Matheos) To Tima: well that’s way too far away to think about, although I will say that we will tend to want to headline

(Matheos) that way we can play the entire new album

(Matheos) unless a good opportunity to open comes along

(NuGgeTMaN) that would really suck to only be able to play 1/2 of your new song cause you don’t have enough time since yer opening for someone else

(TimA) i’d definitely want to see you headline

(Matheos) To Seasons: whoever we get to replace Frank (most likely Andre) will have to be proficient on keys, and switch back and forth

(aepithex) what kinda things are you listening to these days?

(Seasons) jim: ok…

(Matheos) To Tima: yeah, we would really not like to open unless we just can’t turn down a good opportunity, which I don’t see happening right now

(kwmadden) Do you plan to ever get some good merchandising? Fates T’s are a rare item…

(Matheos) I have a couple of working titles for the new album in my head, but I haven’t shared it with the rest of the band

(Matheos) so it would be inappropriate to mention them at this time

(Matheos) TO Aep: I’m dying to get the new Kings X..

(Matheos) I just got a hold of the new live Marillion CD, and also the Dave Matthews Band

(TimA) i must say that it’s so refreshing to have you do an album the way you want it to be done, and not worry about having it played on the radio…

(TimA) yes! marillion is one of my faves! good choice! 🙂

(Matheos) To Kwm: What a can of worms that is 🙂 We’re tied into a LONG TERM contract with Winterland..

(PiNK3R) DMB is Way cool!

(Matheos) who unfortunately don’t provide with good merchandise or service, but refuse to let us out of our contract

* NuGgeTMaN got the DT Ytsejammers to come over

(Matheos) I hope we’re not gonna be liable for saying that 🙂

(kwmadden) I bugged Maria from metal blade forever. The last shirt I saw was for No Exit…

(aepithex) i picked up the new marillion cd last week too…it’s pretty awesome. my brother wonders if you’re into crimson

(Matheos) To Tima: That’s something that me and the rest of the band are very excited about.

(Matheos) To put out an album and not worry about what everyone else is gonna think about it

(guardian) They can’t prove it was you 🙂

(guardian) What about the tribute CDs??

(Matheos) As far as Joe is concerned.. that’s a long one..

(Matheos) I don’t even know where to begin

(Seasons) jim: what song did you do on the Rush tirbute?

(Matheos) the bottom line is Joe’s situation comes down to economics..

(TimA) there were t-shirts for inside out

(aepithex) one web page i saw said that joe dibiase was going to sit this one out, which implied he might come back. Is the bass player change permanent, or up in the air?

(Matheos) he has a family and a new child.. he simply can’t afford to be in the band.. he has a family to provide for, and at the level we’re at, it’s hard to support a family

(Matheos) It’s really hard to put that into words, cause we’ve been talking about it for a year now

*** Robb ( has joined channel #fateswarning

(kwmadden) TimA: yeah, but you had to actually see the concert, and in Baltimore there was no concert!

(guardian) Hey kw…it’s me!

(Robb) JIM!!!

(Matheos) He still will be involved to some degree with FW. In fact, he just helped us out with a song for the Judas Priest tribute album

(Matheos) To Seasons: Closer to the Heart

(Matheos) Hey Robb

(Seasons) jim: can’t wait o hear it!

(Matheos) To Aep: Definitely up in the air

(TimA) oh wow! what song are you doing for the priest tribute?

(Robb) Jim — You should tour with Dream Theater. They’re comming out with a new album too!

(Matheos) Joe always has a place in the band, whenver he wants to do something

(Matheos) To Tima: We did Saints in Hell..

(Matheos) TO Robb: We did all the states with them and Europe last time around

(Robb) What’ sup Nugget

(Robb) do it again!

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(Seasons) hehe

(kwmadden) Jim: Was the guy who played keys on Awaken John’s brother?

(Matheos) We certainly had a good time around with DT the last time..

(Robb) I love to see you guys play together — my two favorite bands!

(Matheos) To Kwm: Yes it was

(kwmadden) Jim: I thought so…

(TimA) did you know Kevin Gilbert at all? i understand that he was supposed to produce the new dream theater album if it wasn’t for his unfortunate accident

(Seasons) matheos: any change in gear?

(Matheos) TO Kwm: 🙂

*** Signoff: Corey (Ping timeout)

(Robb) Jim — are you still using the same guitar?

(Matheos) To Tima: Yeah he was our number one keyboard choice.. we were going to ask him to produce the new album

(Matheos) we’re still not sure what happened to him

(NuGgeTMaN) what did happen to him???

* NuGgeTMaN never heard

(Matheos) TO Seasons: Pretty much the same gear, although what you see live is probably not what I use in the studio.

(TimA) i heard about something but i don’t know if they are true…so i shouldn’t say anything

(kwmadden) Jim: How did you hook up with Charlie Bisharat? His cd is pretty cool (Along the Amazon) in a Yanni sort of way…

(Matheos) To Robb: What guitar? I’m mostly using PRS’s

(Robb) That’s what I meant

(Matheos) We’re not sure what happened to Kevin

(Robb) PRS are great guitars

don’t ya hate it when great people just kinda fall off the face of the earth???

(Matheos) To Kwm: I think Charlie is EXTREMEMLY talented. His range is well beyond what Yanni does 🙂

(Matheos) I first heard him when he was playing with SHadowfax (also one of my favorite bands)

(Matheos) I got his number through a few friends and them called him

(Robb) Jim — What are you listening to these days?

(kwmadden) Jim: I meant that in a genre sort of way…he played with Tesh on the Red Rocks special…

(Seasons) jim: any future solo albums?

(Matheos) To Robb: Yanni 🙂

(NuGgeTMaN) Robb: he already answered that a while ago

(Robb) oh sorry

(Matheos) To Robb: Dave Matthews, the new Marillion double live cd.. I want to get the new Kings X

* NuGgeTMaN has a log and will put it on the Ytsejam and will also send it out to various Fate’s groups

(aepithex) i hope things work out. he’s a hell of a player.

(Robb) New Kings is real kool!

(Robb) kool nuget

(Matheos) TO Kwm: yeah, he’s doing a lot of work with John nowadays.. Very talented guy

(NuGgeTMaN) I heard one song off the new Kings X and it was VERY good…haven’t had a chance to hear the whole thing yet though

(guardian) i heard both tribute songs and they were awesome!!!

(Robb) Did you guys do anything on the Rush tribute?

(Robb) Does anyone know if that’s out yet?

(kwmadden) Jim: Actually John quit ET and went full-time on the music…

(Matheos) To Robb: Closer to the Heart

(PiNK3R) Robb: I don’t think it’s out yet

(Robb) really? kool

(Seasons) robb: release i think sept

(NuGgeTMaN) BTW PiNK3R is me on a different window…I fergot to switch

(Robb) I can see fates doing Close

(Robb) closer

(Seasons) jim: any future solo albums?

(Matheos) To Seasons: In the future :0

(Seasons) hehe

Jim: Since the new Album is just going to be one song…do you think you might try some new things while touring…perhaps doing like DT and creating stuff while on the road? Or is that thinking too far ahead?

*** Signoff: aepithex (Dead Socket)

(Matheos) To Nugget: That’s something we’re not too comfortable with as a band, the “jamming” thing..

(Matheos) we’re not dogging that style, but we like to plan stuff in advance

(Robb) Shit — I got to go! Been nice talking with ya Jim! See ya later!

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* NuGgeTMaN nods

(Matheos) as sterile as that sounds, that’s just the way we like to work

(NuGgeTMaN) makes sense

(Matheos) To Robb: thanks dude..

(Robb) bye guys

(Matheos) I have to go in a minute too. anyone else have any other questions before I split?

(Robb) welcome!

*** Robb has left channel #fateswarning

(NuGgeTMaN) I’m personally the same way…I’d rather sit down and compose something structured and play with it for a while than just throw something together from a jam

(TimA) and you execute the stuff you write really well, live

(aepithex) thanks for talking to us

(NuGgeTMaN) I’ve got one Jim…

(Seasons) we appreciate it…

(aepithex) what’s frank up to?

(Matheos) TO Tima: thanks 🙂 it’s all done by computer 😛 j/j

(Matheos) To Aep: my pleasure..

(NuGgeTMaN) As an aspiring musician/engineer/producer I’ve always wanted to ask someone who knows first hand…how hard is it to do what you guys do effectivly?

(Seasons) jim: when u get the tours dates post em somewhere

(Matheos) ok guys, thanks alot, we really appreciate all the support and patienct..

(Matheos) I’m still not convinced on the index numbers yet :0

(TimA) no thank YOU!!!

(Matheos) To Aep: honestly, none of us have spoken to Frank in over a year..

(Seasons) jim DO THE INDEXS + NAMES

(Matheos) Noone knows really

(aepithex) okay

(kwmadden) Jim: How do you really feel about Metallica stealing the old man motif?? Ha ha.

(Matheos) To Nugget: I don’t know, it’s kind of self serving to say “You don’t know how tough it is”

(Matheos) I guess it’s just like any other work or job.. If you want to do it well, you have to spend time and effort

(TimA) come back and play in vancouver!

* NuGgeTMaN nods

(NuGgeTMaN) Thanks a lot man!!! 🙂

(Seasons) and come to MONTREAL!!

(Matheos) To Seaons: Will do.. they will be on

(NuGgeTMaN) Catch you guys on the road!!!!

(NuGgeTMaN) For anyone that wants a log of this…E-mail me at: with the subject of “Jim’s IRC Log!!!”

(Matheos) Hey, we knew the old man when he was just a moderately old man 🙂

(Matheos) we made him what he is today :0

(TimA) hehe

(Matheos) I NEED A COPY.. send it to me through $%^&&@#%&^&.com

(NuGgeTMaN) I definetly will Jim

(Matheos) Ok everyone, thanks once again.. See ya later!!!!!!

* NuGgeTMaN Hi5ers Jim and everyone else who came tonight!

*** Signoff: Matheos (Leaving)

(Seasons) bye

(TimA) thanks a lot for doing this jim…let’s do it again

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