IRC Chat with Jim Matheos (10/19/1994)

//IRC Chat with Jim Matheos (10/19/1994)

IRC Chat with Jim Matheos (10/19/1994)

IRC Chat with Jim Matheos (10/19/1994)

This is an edited transcript of the IRC session with Jim Matheos conducted October 19th, 1994 on (by Dr. Mosh). The responses were being typed in by someone else, as you can see.

IRC Transcript

Q: Why is it that you have written most of the songs on the last two albums?
> Well, during the writing process, we all contribute and it’s just that no one else has really opted to write much.

Q: People have often referred to your lyrics and music as dark, any comments?
> Well, most of the lyrics are taken from real life experiences.

Q: I hope your life isn’t as dark as your lyrics.
> (laughter) no…

Q: What is Steve Zimmerman and Victor Arduini up to now?
> Steve Zimmerman has a new band called Eleventh Hour.

Q: Will there be any more performances or recordings with old members of Fates Warning?
> Yes, we might have John Arch sing on a couple of dates.

Q: What band was Mark Zonders in before he joined Fates Warning?
> He was in a band called Warlord.

Q: What producers do you like to work with?
> Terry Brown was great to work with and Bill Metoyer (who did the current album).

Q: Who plays the solos on Parallels?
> Frank plays 5 out of the 8 songs (solos) on Parallels.

Q: What bands are you listening to these days?
> Marillion, King’s X to name a few. We’re really into King’s X.

Q: Are you going to make more solo albums?
> Most definitely, and it will not be the same as First Impressions.

Q: Is you solo album still available?
> Should be on Metal Blade.

Q: What is one of the worst songs you have written?
> Probably Kyrie Ellison

Q: Do you have a favorite Fates Warning song?
> Right now we really like 11th Hour or Monument, especially since we’ve been rehearsing it for the live shows.

Q: Who plays the ‘dink dink dink part’ in Monument?
> Frank Aresti.

Q: Will you restart like No Exit and go back to an original, harder, thrashier sound?
> Jim says, never say never, but they don’t wish to do what they’ve already done (No Exit)

Q: What band was Frank Aresti in before he joined FW?
> Aresti used to be in a band called Demonaxe which had a demo out…

Q: What happened to the fan club? Is there a fan club?
> There is no current fan club, except you guys!

Q: Does Massacre Records promote you well in Europe?
> Hard to tell how Massacre is doing but Jim likes the support so far…

Q: Any chance that you guys might recruit Kev Moore now? – But seriously, I’d LOVE to hear you guys do “At Fates Hands” with him live!!!!
> Jim thinks Kev Moore is an amazing keyboard player and writer but probably will never get him to join FW.

Q: Any plans to record with members of DT?
> No plans to record with Dream Theater in the near future…

Q: And we are Fates TRUE fans! Will the next album take three years to produce, or when can we expect it?
> When the next album is made, it won’t be such a big gap between Inside Out and the next one.

Q: Is Metal Blade going to do a better job promoting you for Inside Out?
> We can only hope!

Q: Are there any unreleased/unrecorded songs?
> No real unreleased or unrecorded songs… we pretty much put everything on the albums…

Q: How does Jim feel about MTV’s neglect for metal music in general?
> Jim doesn’t really watch MTV, he boycotts it…

Q: Jim: This may be a better question for Ray, but, can you tell me how he feels about singing the stuff from the first 3 records?
> Ray is one of the biggest John Arch fans ever… but again, they are different singers.

Q: please tell jim that labelmates Inferno(who opened for DT) would like very much to open for FW.
> Jim hasn’t heard of Inferno yet.

Q: Earlier, Jim mentioned that albums sometimes have themes. Was there any underlying theme to the songs he wrote for Inside Out?
> Inside Out has a theme that is pretty much summarized in Outside Looking In,

Q: Jim: do you guys ever use Sampled Background vocals live? Any other types of samples/triggers (other than drums?)
> They do use sampled background vocals when it requires choir like backing and stuff…

Q: What is the theme of Parallels?
> It’s about the relationship of the band members to each other and to the audience.

Q: Has Joe Dibiase worked with any other bands? How about Ray?
> Ray Alder was in a band called Syrus in San Antonio, Texas…
> Joe was never in a major band, some high school garage projects…

Q: Does Jim ever forsee the band getting together and living in one location again, to make the songwriting process easier?
> NO, they will not live in the same area and the song writing process is easier as it is. We debate too much about little things when writing in the same location.

Q: What inpired the title ‘gay head’ from solo album?
> Gay Head is a section of Martha’s Vineyard that they go to vacation…

Q: Jim: How many singers did you guys audition before selecting Ray? Did you audition anyone *we* might know?
> They only auditioned one other guy besides Ray before selecting him…

Q: Are there any plans to continue headlining in the USA after DT goes to Europe? Or will they go with DT and continue that tour?
> They will tour the US after Europe!

Q: I assume Parallels was the best selling album… How many units did that sell?
> Parallels sold about 150,000 copies…

Q: How long of a set will you be playing with DT?
> We will be playing about an hour.

Q: Who is opening for you before you join up w/DT?
> Joey Vera was opening for FW, but now Planet Hate will be opening for them…

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