Joey Vera interview by Joel Gausten (07/04/2016)

Original link - By Joel Gausten A New Flight: Joey Vera on Fates Warning's Latest Opus An active musician for nearly 35 years, renowned Metal bassist Joey Vera is a crucial part of three of the strongest records released in the last 18 months – Armored Saint's Win Hands Down, Motor Sister's Ride and Progressive Metal giants Fates Warning's [...]

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Bobby Jarzombek interview by Brave Words (07/04/2016)

Original link - By Kelley Simms FATES WARNING - SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE FLIGHT! On its 12th release, Theories Of Flight (out now via InsideOut Music), Connecticut’s progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning continues its upward momentum it achieved on its 2013 comeback album, Darkness in a Different Light. Considering Fates’ track record between releases throughout [...]

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Bobby Jarzombek interview by Dead Rhetoric (07/03/2016)

Original link - By Matt Coe Fates Warning – Taking Flight Adapt or die. A motto many older bands of the genre struggle with – especially as the music consumption model streamlines into digital platforms where proper compensation becomes the hot button topic at hand. As one of the premiere acts in progressive metal, Fates Warning [...]

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Goldmine Magazine interview with Jim Matheos (07/01/2016)

Original link - By Patrick Prince Fates Warning flies high with “Theories” In 1984, Connecticut-based Fates Warning was officially introduced to the music world with “Night on Bröcken.” The debut album on Metal Blade Records included a classy brand of traditional heavy metal with the gifted vocalist John Arch leading the charge. A few years later, an equally talented vocalist, [...]

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