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Jim Matheos interview by Loudwire (07/08/2016)

Original link - By Joe DiVita Fates Warning have released their 12th studio album, Theories of Flight, one of the finest albums in the progressive metal act’s 30-plus-year career. We had the opportunity to speak with lone remaining founding member, chief songwriter and producer, Jim Matheos. In this interview, he discussed writing alone and his growing comfort as [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – Heavy Music Headquarters (07/08/2016)

Original link - By Mike Huck A mere three years after their last album, American prog metal stalwarts Fates Warning are back with Theories of Flight, a hard-hitting and thoroughly enjoyable platter. Theories of Flight starts off slow and melodic. “From the Rooftops” opens quietly with soft guitar chords and rolling toms. Founder and guitarist extraordinaire [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – Rock In The Fastlane (07/07/2016)

Original link - By Jon FATES WARNING – “THEORIES OF FLIGHT” – A MASTERPIECE OF PROGRESSION   They always say that slow and steady wins the race and that is the case with Progressive Metal pioneers Fates Warning. Being a fan of the band since 1988 when I first heard the “No Exit” album, I [...]

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Theories Of Flight review – (07/07/2016)

Original link - By Peter Atkinso Prog-metal veterans FATES WARNING broke a nine-year silence in resounding fashion with 2013’s Darkness In A Different Light. While it still boasted the sleek melodies, challenging arrangements and instrumental finesse the band had long been noted for, it was also decidedly heavier and bolder than anything FATES had done in quite [...]

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